Automated payroll: taking the pain away from small businesses

By Press Release 8 July 2016

Transforming HR and payroll with specialist solutions is not just about doing away with the laborious manual system; it also provides additional benefits which Sandra Swanepoel, managing director at Sage HR & Payroll shares. FULL STORY >


BBBEE screws tighten on South African businesses

By Press Release 8 July 2016

Many South African businesses will face a stiff challenge in meeting their accreditation targets as they prepare for their first audits under the stricter Revised Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment Codes that came into effect on 1 May 2015,... FULL STORY >


10 Cost effective ways to train and educate your team members

By Press Release 30 June 2016

MD at Sage HR & Payroll, Sandra Swanepeol looks at 10 cost effective ways to train and educate your team members. FULL STORY >


Has the economic downturn led to companies cutting down on mobility?

By Press Release 27 June 2016

During these tough economic times, businesses have more incentive to start reviewing their systems and processes to find ways to become more profitable. Sage One International's Steven Cohen believes mobility might be the... FULL STORY >


Chameleon workers – how they can help your business flourish

By Press Release 24 June 2016

This new type of worker, the chameleon, can adapt to change, learn new skills in a short space of time and seamlessly move from assignment to assignment. Heidi Duvenage, head at Sage Talent Solutions, details how they can help... FULL STORY >


Fight financial fraud in your business by getting the basics right

By Press Release 23 June 2016

Financial fraud is still a huge threat to both enterprises and small & medium businesses, Sage Pay's Donovan Marais identifies ways to fight it. FULL STORY >


Security Alert: Starting an online business?

By Press Release 21 June 2016

Daryl Blundell, managing director, Sage SSB (Start-up and small business) provides five security tips that will help keep your business’s online store safe. FULL STORY >


Mastering the challenges of building your own business

By Press Release 8 June 2016

Starting a business is about passion, hard work and sacrifice. Entrepreneurs are the drivers of prosperity, but this can sometimes be a daunting task. MD for Sage SSB, Daryl Blundell, details six essential skills to overcome business... FULL STORY >


Why going paperless can make you more money – and save some too

By Press Release 6 June 2016

Jeremy Waterman, managing director, Sage Northern Africa & Middle East provides 9 benefits that a paperless office can provide local SMEs. FULL STORY >


Five qualities employers look for in job candidates

By Press Release 3 June 2016

A good degree or professional certification can help secure an interview for your dream job, but once you're sitting in front of the recruiter or potential employer, you'll need to show what you can offer in addition to your qualifications.... FULL STORY >


8 Lessons for entrepreneurs who want to conquer the world

By Press Release 30 May 2016

President of Sage International, Ivan Epstein, shares some key lessons he learned during his first few years of running a start-up business. FULL STORY >


It's official, usernames and images not part of Twitter character count

By Robin-Leigh Chetty 25 May 2016

n an effort to increase user satisfaction on its social media platform, Twitter will no longer count usernames and images as part of its 140 character limit. FULL STORY >


Gearing up for the cloud? The shift to drive your business forward

By Press Release 25 May 2016

Steven Cohen, Head of Sage One International (Africa, Australia, Middle East and Asia) provides five reasons why moving to the cloud is an option that should be considered. FULL STORY >


Four accounting hacks that keep small businesses afloat – and profitable

By Staff Writer 19 May 2016

Poor accounting practices leave business owners in the dark as to their financial standing. Daryl Blundell, managing director for Sage SSB Accounting South and Southern Africa provides some fail proof hacks to keep your... FULL STORY >


Payroll fraud: How to find it and fight it

By Staff Writer 18 May 2016

Payroll fraud is more endemic than many business owners realise. Here, Sage HR & Payroll's Yolande Schoültz offers advice on how businesses can better identify fraud. FULL STORY >

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