BCX reshapes the South African VoIP sector with inventive solutions

By Press Release 26 April 2022

BCX sets the standard for VoIP solutions and services in the South African market with flexibility and scale built in. FULL STORY >


How Talk 360 is aiming to bring VOIP to everyone, anywhere

By Ryan Noik 24 February 2022

If there is one human imperative that the last two years have highlighted, it is the need people have to communicate and connect with one another. At a recent event with Talk360 in Bryanston, entrepreneur Dean Hiine explained how its... FULL STORY >


Snapping the chains that bind the business to legacy telephony limits

By Industry Contributor 24 January 2022

By Colin Thornton, Chief Commercial Officer at Turrito Networks FULL STORY >


Hand-picked solutions for an intelligent, connected future

By Staff Writer 4 February 2021

Service providers play a vital role in making the new frontier of intelligent computing possible. Behind these service providers are companies like MiRO, a leading value-added distributor of broadband wireless, Wi-Fi, networking, VoIP,... FULL STORY >


Ubiquiti’s AFX11 provides high cost to performance ratios in the 11 GHz licensed band

By Press Release 16 October 2017

Internet services provider (ISP) iClix has an extensive client base that relies on high throughput levels for their video and data requirements, as well as low, consistent latency for VoIP (Voice over... FULL STORY >


Fibre explosion means that VOIP is finally ready for mainstream business use

By Press Release 13 September 2016

Robert Marston, global head of product at SEACOM gives insight into the arrival of fibre in business parks and why it means telcos can offer reliable and consistent VOIP solutions. FULL STORY >


VoIP: How to plan for bandwidth and calculate costs savings

By Staff Writer 7 September 2015

Moving your business phone service to Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) offers a number of potential advantages over traditional models of telephony. FULL STORY >


IP PBX hacking can cripple your business

By Staff Writer 24 July 2015

Unsuspecting VoIP customers are often surprised when they receive outrageous phone bills, especially when their telephone service providers do not explain the risks of toll fraud (PBX hacking). International fraudsters are constantly hijacking telephone... FULL STORY >


Euphoria Telecom removes the risk of VOIP toll fraud

By Staff Writer 26 May 2015

If your phone provider doesn't offer control mechanisms to help prevent fraudulent use of your VOIP account, you may want to look into using a different provider. FULL STORY >


Nashua gives Voice to VoIP service

By Staff Writer 17 April 2015

Following Vodacom’s Voice over LTE announcement last week, Nashua is now introducing a low cost IP-based telephony service. FULL STORY >


Skype receives version 6.1 update

By Ryan Noik 11 January 2013

VOIP application Skype, has received a new update, which offers better integration with Outlook amongst other features. FULL STORY >


What you need to know - Skype DUALphone 4088

By Hanleigh Daniels 12 November 2012

Tired of forking out for high landline and cellular phone bills? The Skype DUALphone enables users to make Skype calls and phone landline numbers as well. FULL STORY >


What you need to know - goava VoIP

By Hanleigh Daniels 12 November 2012

Learn about a new internet-based telephony solution allowing you to make cheaper local and international calls. FULL STORY >


3CX phone system increases business efficiency

By Staff Writer 14 June 2012

B&D System Engineers believes businesses can transform the way they communicate and save a significant 80 on line rentals and call charges, by taking advantage of 3CX IP PBX VoIP. FULL STORY >


VoIP ready to take off locally says MWEB Business

By Staff Writer 6 June 2012

MWEB Business believes that while VoIP uptake has been considerably slower in SA, the majority of obstacles to widespread VoIP adoption have been, or are being addressed. FULL STORY >

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