Gaming news round-up - The revolution edition

By Johan Keyter 15 October 2010

In this week's gaming news roundup we get even more excited about Call of Duty Black Ops and we showcase the amazing new trailer for Fable III. FULL STORY >


Halo Reach

By Johan Keyter 20 September 2010

Our in-depth review of Halo: Reach, the fitting final installment to the amazing Halo saga. FULL STORY >


Halo Reach breaks sales records on first day

By Tom Manners 16 September 2010

On its first day Halo Reach raked in an impressive $200 million, more than its predecessor Halo 3. FULL STORY >


Halo Reach has landed

By Johan Keyter 14 September 2010

The moment Halo fans have been anticipating for months is finally upon us, as Halo Reach went on sale today. FULL STORY >


Halo Reach hands on preview

By Johan Keyter 9 September 2010

We conduct some hands on testing with the upcoming Halo: Reach, set to be the biggest Xbox 360 title of the year. FULL STORY >


The hottest games this spring

By Johan Keyter 3 September 2010

We take an in-depth look at the most explosive games hitting stores in the coming months. FULL STORY >


Halo Reach leaked over Microsoft Servers

By Tom Manners 23 August 2010

In a somewhat embarrassing episode, Microsoft leaks upcoming Halo title to Xbox LIVE users FULL STORY >


Weekly roundup- Motion gaming hopes dashed

By Hanleigh Daniels 5 February 2010

This week in gaming sees developer Bungie dashing hopes that Halo: Reach will use Project Natal and tells you how many Xbox 360 DVDs FF XIII will need. FULL STORY >

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