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Microsoft has announced that the highly anticipated latest instalment in the infamous Halo franchise - Halo Reach, which was released on September the 14th, pulled in $200 million (R1.3 billion) on its first day. 

According to Reuters, the title (which was developed by Bungie) has blown all other releases this year out of the water, resulting in a pleased team of Microsoft executives.
Phil Spencer, vice president of Microsoft Game Studios, commented that Reach looks set to beat sales figures set by Halo 3, which is one of the most successful titles ever released for the Xbox 360 platform. 
"What 'Halo: Reach' numbers tell me is gamers are there. They are willing to buy the great experiences when they come out. In fact, that we are exceeding 'Halo 3' numbers out of the gate tells me that the industry is in a healthy state."
In its nine year history the Halo franchise has sold over 34 million copies globally, making it one of the most successful IPs in the last decade. 
The success of Reach, when combined with the hype surrounding Microsoft’s Kinect motion control gaming system for the Xbox 360, puts the company in a very strong position with regards to overall 2010 hardware and software sales and may set the tone for market dominance in 2011.


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