Quick Review: Larry’s Sound Eggy Beats

By Mike Joubert 12 November 2015

What’s pink, made of silicone and gives you a rise? Or rather, a rise in audio volume? FULL STORY >


Facebook trying to bolster News Feed with Apple Music and Spotify integration

By Robin-Leigh Chetty 6 November 2015

In an effort to create greater engagement with its News Feed feature, Facebook is rolling out a cross-platform update that will bring Apple Music and Spotify into the service. FULL STORY >


The free trial for Apple Music ends tomorrow, is your auto-renewal on or off?

By Robin-Leigh Chetty 29 September 2015

With its three month-long trial almost up, those users not wishing to get billed should probably turn off the auto-renewal tab in Apple Music. FULL STORY >


Apple Music Festival confirms lineup, will livestream via Beats 1

By Robin-Leigh Chetty 18 August 2015

Apple has rebranded its annual iTunes festival as the Music Festival, confirming its lineup via Twitter, as well as livestreaming the 10-day long event via its Beats 1 radio service. FULL STORY >


It’s all about the music in the latest Humble Book Bundle

By Staff Writer 6 August 2015

The latest Book Bundle is all about the tunes, having a number of sweet music inspired books and comics topping the list. FULL STORY >


FTC looking into Apple Music and rules for streaming rival services

By Robin-Leigh Chetty 13 July 2015

After receiving positive feedback following debut a few weeks ago, now the FTC is closely examining Apple Music's streaming of rival services from within the App Store. FULL STORY >


Apple Music to pay artists during free trial, following Taylor Swift open letter

By Robin-Leigh Chetty 22 June 2015

Apple heeds Taylor Swift's "advice", as Apple Music's Eddie Cue confirms that the company will pay artists during the service's three month long trial period. FULL STORY >


Q&A: Richard Oakley, Labs.fm, Recast

By Robin-Leigh Chetty 3 June 2015

We chat to Richard Oakley of Labs.fm, an incubator for local technology and solutions, about the newly launched Recast music streaming and playlist curating app. FULL STORY >


Sony Mobile partners with 5FM for Xperia MashLab this year

By Robin-Leigh Chetty 8 May 2015

5FM's MashLab is back, this time round bringing Sony Mobile on board to help local artists to create and release collaborative music ventures. FULL STORY >


Gibson Innovations sets out multibrand ambition as part of one of the world’s leading music lifestyle companies

By Staff Writer 5 May 2015

Gibson Innovations set out its ambition to drive growth in music lifestyle across its dynamic portfolio of consumer brands. FULL STORY >


MTN unveils new Music+ streaming and downloading platform

By Staff Writer 24 April 2015

Taking a cue from services like Spotify and Tidal, MTN South Africa has just debuted its new subscription-based music streaming and downloading platform - MTN Music+. FULL STORY >


Guitar Hero Live returns to consoles bringing real-time performances

By Robin-Leigh Chetty 15 April 2015

One of the best selling gaming franchises in recent memory returns in the form of Guitar Hero Live, bringing with it two new playing modes that deliver a more "life-like" music experience. FULL STORY >


5 million strong Vinyl collection becoming non-profit music library

By Robin-Leigh Chetty 18 March 2015

Brazilian businessman Zero Freitas turning his five million vinyl record collection into a non-profit public library for Sao Paulo music lovers to enjoy. FULL STORY >


Music to soothe the savage soul

By Ryan Noik 17 February 2015

Game soundtracks are often ideal accompaniments for the working day, particularly those where providing sweeping orchestral music has been lifted to an artform. Below are a pick of five of the best soundtracks that you may wish to add to your working life. FULL STORY >


Know Your Anime: Beck (a.k.a Mongolian Chop Squad)

By Allen Simpson 26 June 2014

An artist's life is not an easy one, they must work hard to be good at what they do to gain some sort of recognition. This forms part of the central theme for this week's anime series - Beck. FULL STORY >

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