Outdoor Surveillance Cameras to drive 5G IoT market - Gartner

By Staff Writer 17 October 2019

Smartwatches, connected cars or perhaps smart bulbs? Nope, it's outdoor surveillance cameras. FULL STORY >


Industry insight - Improving operational efficiency through surveillance

By Industry Contributor 29 July 2019

Today’s surveillance systems are no longer just about monitoring, but more so the intelligence that sits on the camera and what businesses can do with that information proactively. Kevin Padayachee, product manager for... FULL STORY >


NetApp Opinion - Technology enables law enforcement of the future

By Opinion 17 September 2018

Overcoming the data management challenge within law enforcement technology begins with the cloud, offering additional support and storage with the advent of body-worn cameras. NetApp’s Morne Bekker explains. FULL STORY >


German telecoms agency bans smartwatches amid surveillance concerns

By Robin-Leigh Chetty 20 November 2017

The jury may still be out on smartwatches, but a German telecoms agency views them as a possible surveillance threat, banning the devices in the native European country. FULL STORY >


Facebook announces policy change that prohibits data surveillance

By Robin-Leigh Chetty 14 March 2017

In a bid to stop developers from using data for surveillance, Facebook has announced some changes to its policies. FULL STORY >


Twitter warns developers making surveillance tools

By Robin-Leigh Chetty 23 November 2016

Hinging heavily on public APIs, Twitter is making a concerted effort to keep its users’ data safe from developers creating surveillance tools. FULL STORY >


Keystone Electronic Solutions announces Project V – a centrally managed video surveillance platform

By Press Release 19 October 2016

Available immediately, Project V provides centrally managed video surveillance through event/alarm triggered video or via VOD interface. FULL STORY >


WD Purple Surveillance hard drives ensure high tech surveillance at Mall of Africa: Case study

By Press Release 25 July 2016

More than 20 retailers in the newly-opened Mall of Africa can focus on their daily business, secure in the knowledge that their surveillance system is keeping an eagle-eye on every movement within... FULL STORY >


Panasonic delivers a home surveillance and baby monitoring solution for South Africa

By Staff Writer 11 March 2016

Panasonic announces its soon-to-be-released Baby Monitoring and Home Surveillance kits, aiming to answer the safety and security needs of consumers and expanding the delivery of its Home Network System in South... FULL STORY >


Canon developing high-sensitivity network camera

By Ryan Noik 7 September 2015

Canon is apparently developing a network camera that will be able to see in near darkness, for use in surveillance. FULL STORY >


Surveillance solutions can ensure safety and security for athletes and audiences at major sporting events

By Staff Writer 23 July 2015

Major sporting events, including local and international rugby and soccer, attract thousands of spectators into stadiums across the country. FULL STORY >


WD scales up surveillance-class hard drive line

By Staff Writer 15 April 2015

New WD PurpleNV 3.5-inch Drives Equipped for NVR Surveillance-system Environments FULL STORY >


Axis launches mobile surveillance apps for small systems

By Staff Writer 17 November 2014

Axis Communications, a leader in network video, announces the local availability of mobile surveillance apps for its AXIS Camera Companion and hosted video solutions. FULL STORY >


How to make a Teddy Bear Nanny-Cam

By Andrew Gould 2 July 2009

Leaving your child in the hands of a stranger can be disconcerting. Heres how to make a Teddy Bear Nanny-Cam that will keep an eye on out on your behalf. FULL STORY >

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