Adobe takes creativity to the cloud

By Ryan Noik 4 October 2011

Adobe has launched a range of new tablet focused creative apps, along with a cloud-based offering specifically for creatives. FULL STORY >


New Kindle devices launched

By Ryan Noik 29 September 2011

Amazon put rumours to rest with the announcement of not just a Kindle Tablet, but three new e-ink readers as well. FULL STORY >


Toshiba launches new seven inch tablet

By Ryan Noik 28 September 2011

Toshiba announced today that it is expanding its tablet range with the addition of a 7 FULL STORY >


Xoom successors may be in the works

By Ryan Noik 26 September 2011

If rumours are to be believed, then Motorola may be working on not one but two successors to its XOOM tablet. FULL STORY >


MTN launches its enterprise applications

By Ryan Noik 23 September 2011

MTN today announced the launch of twenty enterprise specific applications for mobile devices, aimed at enabling businesses to take advantage of smartphones to increase their efficiency. FULL STORY >


Cisco launches its enterprise focused tablet in SA

By Ryan Noik 22 September 2011

Global networking leader Cisco has launched its enterprise focused tablet, the Cius, locally. FULL STORY >


Archos launches its new G9 tablet range

By Ryan Noik 20 September 2011

Archos has become the latest entrant to the Android Honeycomb tablet game. FULL STORY >


Toshiba launches own tablet and 3D notebook

By Ryan Noik 16 September 2011

Toshiba has launched two new products, a 10.1 Android tablet, and a new notebook that boasts glasses-free 3D. FULL STORY >


62.5 million tablets expected to ship worldwide this year

By Ryan Noik 15 September 2011

62.5 million tablets are expected to ship this year according to the IDC, a testament to their growing popularity. FULL STORY >


Versatile all-in-one tablet, gaming system and notebook revealed

By Ryan Noik 6 September 2011

The KT SpiderPad seems set to offer the best of all mobile computing worlds, transitioning from tablet to smartphone to notebook. FULL STORY >


Samsung pulls Galaxy Tab 7.7

By Ryan Noik 5 September 2011

Samsung has been compelled to remove its newly announced Galaxy Tab 7.7 after Apple won an injunction preventing it from selling and marketing the product in Germany. FULL STORY >


Amazon Kindle Tablet not just a rumour

By Ryan Noik 5 September 2011

More details about a forthcoming Kindle Tablet from Amazon have begun to emerge. FULL STORY >


Megan Nicholas, Country Manager, Motorola Mobility

By Mike Joubert 2 September 2011

Apart from being purchased by Google, Motorola Mobility launched the Atrix smartphone and Xoom tablet locally. We talked to Megan Nicholas to discuss these interesting developments. FULL STORY >


Lenovo IdeaPad Tablet K1 lands in South Africa

By Staff Writer 1 September 2011

Lenovo's IdeaPad Tablet K1 has joined the ever growing list of 10-inch Android-based devices available in SA. FULL STORY >


TouchPad to return for an encore

By Ryan Noik 31 August 2011

HP have announced that they will do one more run of their TouchPad tablet, the same device they reportedly intended to kill off earlier this month. FULL STORY >

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