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For some, photography is a serious passion – and perhaps becoming a source of income. They are more discerning about their art form and want more creative freedom. They are ready to move on from their smartphones and smaller compact cameras as their go-to devices for image capture. They visit workshops and forums for information on new trends in their trade, they have designs for turning pro, and they expect more from their tools.

They see good equipment as a must for successful creative work. Image quality, flexibility for photo editing, compatibility with their existing equipment, functionality and the availability of a wide range of compatible extras are on their list of “wants” from a camera. Enter the Canon EOS M range.

“These hit that sweet spot for those on the edge of going pro and the photo-loving consumer seeking creative self fulfillment and a better way to express their unique style. If you’re a photographer who works on the move or a photo enthusiast who lives to share life as it happens, Canon’s compact mirrorless cameras, the EOS M range, can empower real creative freedom,” says Abri Kriegler, Product Manager at Canon SA.

According to Kriegler, Canon’s EOS M cameras are fully-featured members of the EOS family, and feature all the best technologies and functions of Canon’s DSLRs. Yet, they are compact and flexible. They can be carried anywhere to shoot things that are inaccessible for classic DSLRs.

“After all, great stories are happening all around us at every moment. You need a camera that’s there as life unfolds and as the good stories happen,” he says.

Unlike a DSLR, which uses a mirror to reflect light into a viewfinder, mirrorless cameras do not contain a mirror or an optical viewfinder. This makes them generally smaller than DSLRs. Also, instead of looking through the lens to compose an image via the viewfinder, mirrorless cameras lets you preview your shot from a screen on the back of your camera – much like a smartphone. Despite the differences in design, it is still possible to be creative with lenses.

In essence, these mirrorless cameras distil the best of Canon compacts and DSLRs to deliver superb quality photos and movies that are packed with detail, colour and atmosphere.

“With EOS M you will be surprised how your photos will change. They have a range of effective and easy-to-use functions that will put you steps ahead of other photographers. Our extra lenses and genuine accessories will open up a world of possibility,” says Kriegler.

Ready to take the next step and start exploring your creative potential? There is an EOS M camera to suite you.

“Choosing your perfect shooting companion really depends on where you are with your photography and where you want to go,” continues Kriegler.

The EOS M100 for instance is the ideal step up from a smartphone or compact camera. It not only offers superb quality results and the creative flexibility of interchangeable lenses but also lets you shoot selfies with ease using the large tilting touch screen and enjoy point and shoot simplicity if you need it. This compact camera features creative filters and wireless connectivity, allowing you to shoot stunning images and upload straight to social media in just a few seconds.

If you are ready to take your photography further or simply want a high performance, all-purpose camera, then your choice is between the small, portable EOS M6 and the technology rich EOS 800D. Small and compact with DSLR-like handling, the EOS M6 combines powerful performance and excellent quality with portability. The EOS 800D has an advanced 19-point AF system that makes it easy to track fast moving objects, such as when shooting sports, portraits or landscapes. Plus, there’s a vari-angle touchscreen that’s great for shooting movies from different perspectives.

In the EOS M5 and the EOS 80D you’ll discover state-of-the-art features that give you more control and speed, including fast AF systems and sustained 7 fps continuous shooting, plus new levels of performance and quality that will take your photography and videography to new heights. Highly responsive and versatile, the EOS 80D excels at sports, portraiture, landscape, street, travel and low light photography.

Not sure which EOS fits your and your life or work style? Try out the nifty “camera selector” at



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