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Trend Micro Incorporated, a global cybersecurity leader, announced strong growth momentum across multiple areas of collaboration with Microsoft Azure.

The cloud industry has continued to see strong growth momentum in South Africa. Despite only having 15% penetration, the cloud market in South Africa is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 17 to 20%. Trend Micro has assessed its year-on-year opportunity growth on the Microsoft Azure platform to be 70% in 2022.

Trend Micro is a Microsoft Strategic 500 Customer and Global Gold ISV, with a strategy announced last year of building cloud-based security solutions on Microsoft Azure and generating new co-selling opportunities.

The latest growth and collaboration areas include:

  • Enhanced capabilities for better visibility and attacked surface management through Trend Micro Vision One and Microsoft Sentinel integration.
  • Strong network security in both on-premises and cloud scenarios continues to provide excellent opportunities for co-selling.
  • Build on Microsoft Sentinel and Dynamic 365, Trend Micro Managed Service is set to list on Azure Marketplace and be ready for IP co-selling.
  • Streamlined industry solutions provide robust, streamlined cloud security to mitigate risk and support compliance across government, healthcare, finance, and manufacturing sectors.

Trend Micro currently has 12 listings on the Azure Marketplace, including seven IP co-sell ready, four transactable, and two MACC-eligible products. In a time defined by cybercrime, the growth momentum of this partnership is promising for African organisations which protect their Microsoft Azure products with Trend Micro. 

“We are a pioneer in cloud security and have been one of Microsoft’s most trusted partners for the last 25 years and are always looking for ways to add value for our joint customers,” commented Russell Young, Cloud Solution Architect at Trend Micro.

"Microsoft Azure is the fastest growing of the top public cloud providers, with a Q2 2022 growth of 40%. As many organizations continue their digital transformation, cybersecurity is integral to that journey. Organizations must recognize the priority and invest in native cloud securities or partner services to ensure efficient and secure business operations," noted Jay McBain, Chief Analyst at Canalys.

“Our collective mission to make the connected world more secure is key to helping organisations manage their cyber risk as Africa moves deeper into the digital future,” concluded Young. 



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