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Earlier today at a function held in Randburg, Johannesburg, AOC International, the world's largest manufacturer of computer monitors, made its official entry into the South African market.

AOC is a name many South Africans may not be familiar with, but the company has deep roots in the world of electronic manufacturing, and a rich history spanning from as far back as the 1930's.
AOC itself is an in-house brand of TPV Technology Limited, an $11 billion conglomerate which owns a number of other brands. The Taiwan-based company shipped a massive 60 million computer monitors last year, accounting for a sizeable 33% chunk of the market.
AOC has for years been one of the top brand in areas such as China, the Americas, India, Europe and the Asia-Pacific region, and is now expanding its business to cover parts of Africa, the Middle East and Central Asia as well.
Brian Liu, VP of sales, MEA & CIS Central Asia, said that with its entry into the South African market, AOC will remain committed to providing practical solutions across a wide range of areas, from gaming to business presentations. “Worldwide, the consumer market is demanding products that offer design functionality, wider applications, green credentials and competitive pricing,” he said.
The company will be entering the country with an impressive looking product range which is to be expanded in the coming months. One of the most interesting is the company's 'Razor' series, the slimmest VESA mounted monitors in the world.
At just 10.29 mm thick, our sneak peak confirmed that these truly are very sleek displays, available in sizes ranging from 18.5” to 23”. The Razor displays are further enhanced by a Dynamic Contrast Ratio of 50 000 000:1, the highest in the industry. This gives the Razor displays the finest image detail as well as greater depth.
AOC displays will be locally distributed by Sahara, with the company's COO, Ashu Chawla saying, “Recently, we have heralded on a journey with AOC in pursuit to have a quality product offering for the South African Market. We are proud as the leading creative IT distribution partner in SA to be associated with the global leaders in [the] display arena.”
In addition to its slimline Razors, AOC has a number of displays that are going to be released in the country, with 3D displays expected later this year. No pricing details have been revealed as of yet, but we’ll keep you up to date as soon as more information comes through. In the meantime, more information is available from the AOC website


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