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One of our easiest predictions for top trends that we expect to see more of in 2012 is the continued rise of cloud based technology.
Merely a week into January, Acer is already placing cloud firmly on the radar, with its recent preview of its forthcoming AcerCloud offering.
Acer explained that with the ever-growing number of smart digital devices, users need to share and back up their multimedia and data files in a simple, smart manner.
To this end, the company elaborated that users will be able to take advantage of AcerCloud to take photos on a smartphone while on the go, and then view them on a main PC at home or in the office, without the delay and complication of manually transferring files.
The company asserted that users will similarly will be able to  buy a movie from an all-in-one PC, and then watch it on a tablet or smartphone when travelling.
“As long as the main PC is in sleep (standby/hibernation) mode, Acer Always Connect technology can wake it up through Wi-Fi so media can be retrieved via a mobile device,” Acer explained.
Three components
AcerCloud actually consists of three services: PicStream, AcerCloud Docs and Media.
PicStream, as the name implies, is aimed at enabling users to take photos on their smartphone, back them up on the main PC, and share them with other smart devices. Such photos would be backed up permanently on the user’s PC, and temporarily accessible for 30 days in their personal cloud.
AcerCloud Docs is the Dropbox equivalent offering, in which documents will be temporarily accessible for thirty days in one’s personal cloud. Users will however, also be able to download their files to other devices for long-term storage.
The third component, Media, caters towards media storage, enabling users to access all their multimedia at any time. The company explained that users "could use to connect to their personal cloud and stream live, or download and enjoy content offline for convenient on-the-go entertainment.”
To the point
"AcerCloud not only provides the simplicity and efficiency when accessing and sharing data, but it's also free with a new Acer PC and gives our users peace-of-mind, knowing that their data is safely transferred in a personal cloud space," commented Acer President Jim Wong.

AcerCloud will be bundled on all Acer consumer PCs starting Q2 2012. It will support all Android devices, while future support is planned for Windows-based devices.

The service will be available shortly in the US, UK, Asia and China. There’s no word as yet as to whether, or when, the offering will be made available in South Africa.  

In recent news, Acer announced its Iconia A200 tablet.


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