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Good news Windows Phone 7 users, from today onwards Angry Birds has officially landed on the Windows Phone 7 Marketplace.

The addictive game, from developers Rovio, has managed to earn the devotion of the fledgling mobile gaming community, with millions of users flocking to download a copy.

The title is available for download now for $2.99 (R20), and benefits from Microsoft's gaming experience by featuring Xbox LIVE integration. The game also supports the earning and storing of achievements for Xbox LIVE users, surely propelling star level bragging to a whole new level.

Unfortunately the WP7 version will only include 165 levels (still a healthy does) compared to the 255 levels available on other platforms.

And while the full version is priced at $2.99, curious WP7 users who haven't had a taste of Angry Birds can check out the first couple of levels absolutely free of charge.

The release is a great benchmark for the Finish Rovio Games, marking the release of Angry Birds on almost every major mobile platform, having appeared on iOS, Android, Symbian, Sony's PSP and now Windows Phone 7, with even more releases planned in future.

According to winrumors, the game's delay is attributed to legal issues between Microsoft and Rovio, with the title announced for WP7 back in February. Microsoft apparently created tension when they accidentally posted an Angry Birds icon on one of their sites.

Angry Birds can be purchased here for $2.99.


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