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Anonymous, the notorious hacker group allegedly responsible for a series of cyber attacks on financial institutions last year, has retaliated against the recent rejection of their Google plus account by launching their own social networking site.  

Despite suspected members of the group having been arrested in recent months in Spain, according to Spanish newspaper El Mundo, the group appears to have no intention of backing down, but rather, seem intent on increasing their online visibility.

A notice on the site states: “Welcome to the Revolution - a new social network where there is no fear…of censorship….of blackout…nor of holding back.” The site further states: “We will not be stopped by those willing to stop the spreading of the truth….we will take many of those out there who simply want a better internet.” No social network is available yet, instead users are advised that the actual site will go up "soon".

The announcement is a defiant move that comes after Anonymous recently claimed responsibility for attacking the website of technology security company HBGary Federal earlier this year. According to the International Business Times this was done because of the firm's cooperation with federal authorities to track down and apprehend members of the group. The attack came after the chief executive officer, Aaron Bar, reported that the company had successfully infiltrated the group.

Anonymous gained notoriety for breaching the security of institutions associated with the censorship of diplomatic dispatches released by the controversial website WikiLeaks. The group is believed to have members in various countries, as arrests to date have been made in Spain, Turkey and Italy.


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