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Apple fans will be happy to learn that the consumer electronics giant is updating its line of all-in-one iMac desktops, introducing new Intel Sandy Bridge technology as well as some powerful graphics options to the line.

The new updates introduces the iMac line to the same improvements made by Apple on its MacBook Pro line in February, and helps brings Apple's AIO offering up to speed.

The new computers will make use of Intel's new super speedy Thunderbolt connection technology, which functions in the same way as a USB port does, except that it can transfer files at a blistering 10 Gbps. According to Intel, this allows for the transfer of a Blu-ray movie in less than 30 seconds.

Intel's second generation Sandy Bridge processors will also be offered with the new iMacs in a number of speeds and configurations (only Core i5 and i7). As far as graphical power is concerned Apple isn't lagging either, with AMD's new Radeon 6000 series GPUs bringing some much needed muscle to the table.

The new iMac line will be available in two different sizes, a 21.5” and a 27” model. Both includes a built-in HD webcam with Apple's FaceTime software bundled and runs on Apple's Snow Leopard OS.

Users will also be able to enjoy some extra storage space, with the iMac's supporting additional hard drives up to 2 TB as well as solid-state drives up to 256 GB.

The new line definitely sounds impressive, especially the Thunderbolt technology, the only snag in that plan at this stage is simply that there isn't many other Thunderbolt devices out there at the moment, but this is sure to be remedied in the coming months.

No local pricing or release date information has been revealed as of yet.


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