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Instagram is an iPhone classic and in a big part responsible for the rise of iPhonography. With this app you are able to choose from several filtered effects to liven-up boring pics. These include tilt-shift that enables you to focus on a particular section of the photo, inkwell which is a classic black and white filter, as well as sutro which lightens the centre of the image. You can share the photos over Twitter, Facebook, email or invite friends who also have this app installed to a private stream. 
 Helicopter Builder 3D
If you were a fan of the TV series Airwolf or have dreamed of getting into the pilot seat of your very own helicopter, then Helicopter Builder 3D will enable you to give lift to those aviation aspirations. It allows you to create your own helicopter and then take to the skies for a test flight. If you want to add some firepower by way of rockets, or wish to alter the look of your creation, you can simply head back to the builder to customise body, rotors, or to add accessories. 
Find my iPhone
This app is an essential security tool if you own an iPad and iPhone. It will enable you to employ another iOS-operating device to locate your missing iPhone and to protect the data stored on it. All you have to do is install this free app on another iOS-powered device, launch it and sign in with your Apple ID. You will then be able to locate your missing smartphone or tablet on a map and also be able to perform functions including displaying a please-return-to-owner message or perform a remote wipe. 
 White Christmas
Seeing that it’s December and the holiday season is upon us, we thought it fitting to include and Xmas application. This app enables users to get into the Xmas spirit by incorporating falling snowflakes into photos and inserting props such as Santa and Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer. Both the front- and rear-facing cameras can be employed to snap the pics and once you are done capturing the moment, you are able to save it to your phone, email it or upload it to Facebook or Twitter.


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