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Hobbit Movies
Fans of Tolkien and Peter Jackson’s work are no doubt expecting something epic to begin later this year when The Hobbit trilogy begins, and hardly coincidentally, this free app has been released to fuel the fires of anticipation.
The app also serves as the perfect companion to the rich lore contained within Tolkien’s Middle Earth. To this end, Hobbit Movies boasts animated character portraits, a detailed map of Middle Earth and settings for the forthcoming trilogy.  
IBM Think
This free, extremely interesting but rather hefty sized (513 MB) app for iPads, is focused predominantly on progress.
Aimed at innovators and forward thinkers, IBM Think boasts an illustrated timeline that follows humanity’s quest to understand the world; the far reaching role maps have played in society and how they have changed; and videos which explore milestones such as sending of man to the moon, how medicine was made personal. Simply fascinating.
AnyList Grocery List
For anyone who has rushed to the store only to forget half of what they need, AnyList Grocery List will certainly help with ‘grocery store amnesia’.
To this end, the app helps one keep track of different categories of shopping lists (such as travel, party planning, healthy eating) as well as a general grocery list. For the culinarily indecisive, the app serves up recipes by main ingredient, such as fish, chicken, beef and pasta. Another feature is integrated search.
Tip of the Month
A rather nifty feature that can be found under Settings > General enables you to create custom shortcuts for your commonly used phrases. For exampling, specifying ‘omw’ as meaning ‘on my way’ enables you to simply type ‘omw’ in subsequent messages, and the phrase will automatically be expanded. It’s a convenient way to create one’s own shorthand that can also save a fair bit of time in messaging.
This article first appeared in TechSmart 110, available to read or download here.


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