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A Pinterest app has finally been released for iOS, and quite frankly, it works brilliantly. Signing up via the app takes only a couple of minutes, and then one can start following people, create one’s own boards, or search for interesting content within the app in a broad array of categories.
The app is free to download, while it has been made available for Android too.
Another slick content discovery app for iOS is Cooliris, although this one is specifically intended for photo sharing. The free iPad app enables users to share photos from Facebook, one’s device, Instagram and Google images.
Although you can elect to sign in with Facebook, you can alternatively rather create an account with Cooliris to get going. Either way, Cooliris offers a convenient way to share content.
Idea Sketch

We are big fans of mindmapping and frequently grab the nearest available device to jot down, or sketch out, interconnected ideas. Idea Sketch is yet another perfect, free tool to quickly and easily do this. Niftily, a swipe with two fingers automatically and symmetrically organises one’s mindmap or flowchart.

The app comes with a great selection of shapes and tools, and isn’t plagued by ads. 

Tip of the Month

If you find yourself with numerous apps open that you would like to close simultaneously, try the following. Double click the home button to bring up the tray, and then press and hold any open programme till all the icons jiggle.

Using multi-touch, place three or four fingers on the x on top of each icon at the same time. Watch multiple apps being banished back to the ether of your device. This is also a good way to stop your iDevice from running down its battery more quickly than normal.


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