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A week ago news broke of Apple’s suing Samsung for alleged patent- and copyright violations within the Korean manufacturer’s Galaxy line-up of smartphones as well as tablet PCs. And as can be expected it was only a matter of time before the inevitable would happen, with Reuters now reporting that Samsung has countered the Cupertino-based iPhone and iPod maker with some legal action of its own.
Samsung has filed lawsuits in its native South Korea, in Japan as well as in Germany, having to do with ten alleged patent infringements by Apple within the iPad and iPhone.
Amongst others these have to do with power reduction during data transmission, 3G technology for reducing errors during data transmission, as well as wireless data communication technology.
“Samsung is responding actively to the legal action taken against us in order to protect our intellectual property and to ensure our continued innovation and growth in the mobile communications business,” a statement from the company read.
The Korean tech giant now wants Apple to stop infringing its technology patent and compensate the company. According to Reuters, these lawsuits can endanger the business relationship that exists between the two tech firms, since Apple depends on Samsung for a number of components, the likes of LCD displays, which it utilises within the very devices it has taken Samsung to court over.
Tech-watchers better get comfortable because it looks like the Samsung vs Apple fight will go the full twelve rounds.
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