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Rumour has it that Research in Motions (RIM) supposed tablet PC, which has been shrouded in mystery since reports hinting at its existence surfaced earlier this year, may introduce the device to the market as early as next week. 

Reuters has suggested that the company might make use of a developers conference which is being held next week to debut the tablet PC, which has been labelled the ‘BlackPad’. 
Although RIM employees are keeping comments to an absolute minimum, there is no hiding the fact that the company has now registered the domain name and that Quanta Computer Inc. of Taiwan, has confirmed that it is manufacturing the tablet. 
The device will reportedly feature a 7” touch-screen and will run on a completely new operating system developed by QNX Software, which RIM acquired earlier this year. 
Other reports suggest that the BlackPad will have one or two cameras, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity options and will only be able to connect to cellular networks via a BlackBerry smartphone. 
Locally we can confirm that BlackBerry South Africa is hosting a launch event next week Thursday which appears to be focused on the company’s upcoming BlackBerry 6 OS. Nonetheless, RIM could use this as an opportunity to formally announce the BlackPad to the local market. 


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