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Sony recently launched a new website mocking Microsoft’s Kinect for its lack of control (and lack of buttons). This week Dr Richard Marks, designer of the PlayStation Move motion-based add-on for the PlayStation 3 reiterated the importance of buttons. 
During an interview with Edge Magazine, Dr Marks said that “Buttons are irreplaceable as an input device. Too many buttons are overwhelming, but one single action button is very powerful feeling.”
Marks went on to add that, “For core games you really do need a set of buttons to quickly choose things. Trying to replace buttons with gestures doesn’t work very well.”
Whereas Sony’s new PS Move gaming system follows the same direction as Nintendo’s Wii, by employing motion sensor technology within traditional controllers, Microsoft has opted to ditch controllers altogether. Its Kinect motion-based gaming system tracks 48 points of movement on the human body and translates it into gameplay, allowing the user to become the controller.
The PS Move has already been released, whilst Microsoft’s Kinect will become available on 4 November in the US and will launch globally in time for the holiday season. Microsoft aren’t expecting Kinect’s lack of buttons to be a hindrance for consumers though as the company is anticipating huge sales figures right from the start.


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