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After cutting costs on local call rates, Cell C is at it again. From tomorrow (May 30th), international calls on Cell C to select destinations  will cost 99c per minute on per minute billing.
This is part of a new promotion announced by the cellular provider, in which non-VoIP calls to the UK, US, China, India and Pakistan are about to receive a 91% decrease in price. The promotion is set to run until the end of August.
“We wanted to give our customers a simple, attractive, high quality international voice rate,” explained Cell C chief executive officer Alan Knott-Craig.
He added that the company was not using VoIP, but rather relying on pure circuit switching, to “ensure the best voice quality possible. “
Say hello to the 99c international call
“Once again, we are offering the most competitive non-VoIP rate in the market with no hidden costs or any ambiguous terms and conditions. Any of our customers, whether they are prepaid, hybrid, or postpaid will automatically be billed at the new rate. No special or new SIM card is required,” he elaborated.
Additionally, the 99c per minute rate applies regardless of the time the call is made. The company explained that the countries that are included in the promotion are five of the most popular international calling destinations outside the borders of Africa. 
Better news yet is that the promotional rates may not be temporary. Knott-Craig continued that should Cell C customers be happy with the new international rates, the company would notify ICASA of its intention to make them fixed rates.
What’s more, the five countries included in the rollout are set to be joined by a further sixteen as yet unnamed locales, on 99c per minute on per second billing fare, on July 1st.
To the point
The new promotion is open to all existing and new prepaid, hybrid and postpaid customers. Calls will be set at a default rate of 99c per minute with per second billing regardless of the tariff plan the customer is subscribed to.
Do we see an international call price war brewing? Definitely. As always though, vigorous competition is invariably good news for general users, as competing companies up their game and more importantly, lower their prices, to attract customers.  


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