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Dimension Data’ Advanced Infrastructure is shifting the perception of infrastructure from hardware configuration to business enablement. The most recent addition to its expanding product and solution offering is the partnership with Alvarion, a leading provider of 4G wireless communications solutions and broadband wireless access technologies.
The partnership with Alvarion will enable Dimension Data to offer a viable alternative solution to traditional solutions that is geared for Africa’s tough conditions and supported in Africa.
“Connectivity is mission-critical to any organisation and the means of acquiring it are evolving continuously” says Nicholas Shaw, general manager for Advanced infrastructure Dimension Data Middle East and Africa. “Part of our role at Advanced Infrastructure is to ensure that we offer the best fit for the business we are engaged with. While fibre optic cabling has become the accepted means of providing connectivity, it is not always financially viable, or even physically possible to deploy in certain instances. Alvarion acknowledges Africa as a global growth point and has established a strong support structure and services network here on the continent. This is sure to make it more attractive than some of its counterparts, whose service delivery and parts stores are based offshore. Their locality makes service faster and spares less expensive and easier to acquire,” affirms Shaw. “We are impressed with the wide range of robust, quality products that are ideally suited for the harsher African conditions.”
The partnership benefits are definitely reciprocal. By pairing with Dimension Data, Alvarion will strengthen its foothold in Africa and promote its belief in the ability of pervasive wireless connectivity to transform the way people live and conduct business – a belief that resonates strongly with Dimension Data in serving its clients needs.
“We support business growth, not just on an enterprise level, but at a grass roots level as well. There is a huge drive from Government for ICT to assist with enabling infrastructure, particularly in our remote communities. Wireless technologies such as those that Alvarion brings to the table are helping us bring connectivity to sites that fall outside of commercial networks or where fibre just isn’t an option. For example, many municipalities stand to be empowered through the creation of their own infrastructure that they can grow and manage themselves. The impact this will have on service delivery will be phenomenal, and that is the kind of enablement that we are working very hard to make happen," says Shaw.
Since its inception, Alvarion has been leading the market with innovation rooted in their dedication to meeting the evolving needs of its customers for reliability, versatility and sustainability. “It’s not just about filling a gap in the market, but finding partners that share our ambitions for our clients, and we feel that our relationship with Alvarion is starting out on a real, sure footing,” concludes Shaw.

“Teaming with the market reach and solid brand of Dimension Data creates an opportunity for Alvarion to leverage its strength as an experienced Broadband Wireless solutions provider to deliver a complete and customised ICT solution to the growing markets of Africa,” says Daniel Levy, general manager - Africa and Middle East for Alvarion. 


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