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Epson has launched the Discproducer PP-50, which is a more affordable Discproducer aimed at publishing firms that need to print customised lables onto around 400 discs, including CDs and DVDs per month (video posted below).
This latest model delivers a blend of quality and economy, as the PP-50 is reliable and easy to operate, providing high-quality output at low cost. 
Fully automated, the PP-50 enables users to complete other tasks, while the device publishes up to 50 discs in one batch. This makes it a convenient, time-saving choice for any organisation needing to regularly distribute information, archive files or back-up data. 
To assist users present a professional image or impress clients, the PP-50 delivers high-quality, photo-realistic printing on the CD/DVD surface. The Epson Micro Piezo printhead and 6-colour inks produce ultra-fine colour gradations and razor-sharp text, even in very small font sizes. Combined with the PP-50’s accurate disc burning, this means organisations can rely on the readability of their archived discs for decades.
“The thousands of Epson Discproducers already installed have demonstrated their reliability in various sectors, including medicine, education, entertainment and marketing, as well as the duplication industry,” stated Kelvin Reynolds, general manager, Epson Southern Africa.
“The PP-50 offers users great value for money as, while the output quality is very high, the cost of each finished disc is low. Depending on the printed image, one set of ink cartridges produces more than 1,000 fully-covered discs – and when a cartridge becomes empty, the PP-50 automatically stops to avoid mis-prints.”
Allowing unsupervised production runs with less risk of failure, Epson has drawn on its expertise in manufacturing robots,in order to develop the patented AcuGrip robotic arm, which ensures that only one CD/DVD is grabbed at a time – even if they are stuck together. To ensure trouble-free operation for years to come, the PP-50 has a dust-proof body and minimal moving parts.
The PP-50 couldn’t be simpler to utilise – it’s controlled from the front, and its LED system shows the ink level status for each individual colour. The included Total Disc Maker software is user-friendly too, with pre-defined templates and images, so users don’t need to be experts.
Giving users the flexibility to work in batches of different sizes, the PP-50’s dual 50-disc-capacity stackers can be utilised in two different ways. Users are able to load up to 50 discs of one type into the first stacker to be published as a single batch and then delivered into the second stacker.
To produce smaller batches on-demand, users can load up to 50 discs into each of the two stackers – one stacker with CDs and the other with DVDs (if desired), to burn and print in batches of up to 20. These smaller batches are then delivered into the 20-disc-capacity output container.
Enabling convenient installation on a shelf or desktop, the fully-stackable PP-50 has a compact footprint and measures only 38 cm wide, making it one of the smallest disc publishers on the market.
The Discproducer PP-50 is available to be purchased with a recommended retail price of R18 000. For more info phone Epson SA on 011-465-9621.
Key Features Summary
  • Accurate disc burning and high-quality printing on disc surface
  • Fully dust-proof body and minimal moving parts
  • Publish up to 50 discs in one batch
  • Low cost per published disc
  • Print over 1000 discs per set of cartridges
  • Save money with individual ink cartridges – only replace the colour used
  • Easily monitor levels of each ink colour with LED system
  • Patented AcuGrip robotic arm
  • Convenient front operation
  • Compact, stackable housing with small footprint


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