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Having sold over 600 000 units already in Europe and America, the Samsung Galaxy Tab will be in South Africa in time for Xmas according to Samsung Electronics. It won’t be cheap though, since it will retail for a recommended R7999, making for a rather expensive Xmas present. 

Powered by a Cortex A8 1.0 GHz processor, the Galaxy Tab runs on Android 2.2 and unlike its main competition, the Apple iPad, the device supports the latest Adobe Flash Player 10.1.
The Galaxy Tab offers a variety of communication methods including 3G HSDPA and HSUPA, 802.11n Wi-Fi, a USB 2.0 connection and Bluetooth 3.0. The company promises that the Samsung Galaxy Tab will come in handy as a speakerphone for conferencing and a mobile phone for people on the move.
The Galaxy Tab sports two cameras, a front facing camera to allow face-to-face video telephony over 3G and a rear-facing camera to capture still images and video that you can edit, upload and share. 
Samsung’s e-reading application, ‘Reader Hub’, will also provide users with access to a digital library, which includes classical novels, the latest bestsellers, reference materials and a variety of magazines and newspapers.
“Samsung has recognised the tremendous growth potential in this newly created market and we believe that the Samsung Galaxy Tab brings a unique and open proposition to market,” says Shane Solomon, marketing manager at Samsung Mobile South Africa.
Apple’s iPad has set a tough target to beat, having sold 3 million units in just 80 days after release, while currently standing at over 4.5 million devices sold. It is expected that Acer will be announcing its tablet device on 23 November, with BlackBerry’s PlayBook should seeing the light of day early 2011.


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