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Competitive multiplayer mode for Aliens: Colonial Marines

Sega and Gearbox Software have announced a new competitive multiplayer mode for the forthcoming Aliens: Colonial Marines - dubbed Escape mode. In Escape mode, a team of four US Colonial Marines will go head-to-head with a four-player Xenomorph team.

The Colonial Marines are tasked with blasting their way through the fast-paced map in order to escape the meat-loving alien hunters, who in return must try and eliminate their prey as quickly as possible.

This mode will have players working together as a team, utilising each faction’s unique attributes and skills, as well as identifying their opponents’ weaknesses in order to either reach the safety of the escape point or snack on some tasty man-sized sandwiches (manwiches).

Aliens: Colonial Marines will becoming available in February 2013 worldwide and will be released for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Windows PC. Check out the Escape mode trailer posted below.
L.A. Noire maker’s next title coming to next-gen systems

L.A. Noire developer Team Bondi has declassified details surrounding its next title, which is controversially named “Whore of the Orient” (WTO). According to the Official PlayStation Magazine UK, WTO is a completely new and original IP being developed for next generation games consoles and PC.

The publication stated that Team Bondi has only released a screenshot (posted below) and some info about this game which reads as follows:

“Shanghai, 1936...Paris of the East. The most corrupt and decadent city on the planet, where anything can be had or done for the right price. Plaything of Western powers who greedily exploit the Chinese masses. Boiling pot of Chinese nationalism, with the Kuomintang ruthlessly trying to suppress Communism and the labour movement. Home to the International Police Force, a group of Western cops hopelessly trying to keep the lid on and keep the peace.”

While the title’s name alone clearly risks insulting a good portion of the game loving population (and for the record, is not a title we condone), the fact that it is being developed by the team responsible for the captivating L.A. Noire, means its definitely worth keeping an eye on. Check for updates about the game as more info is released in the future. 

New Metal Gear Solid title revealed, new engine debuted

In a reveal that no doubt will make many Metal Gear Solid fans’ weekend, Konami has unveiled not just a new graphical Fox engine that it will be employing in future titles, but did so using footage from a real open world game titled Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes.

According to Kotaku, Ground Zeroes will offer a rather unique concept, in which players will not be subjected to a ‘Game Over’ result. Instead, more emphasis may well be placed on how one escapes once detected, rather than just hiding or trying to avoid being seen.

Although it’s not quite clear as yet as to how exactly the developers will put a twist on the stealth gameplay style that it has become so masterful at employing, it certainly sounds alluring. The title is in development for PC, Xbox 360 as well as the PS3.

While the Fox engine was shown handling lighting, textures and inclement weather, apparently it is intended to cater for the next generation of consoles and for cloud based gaming alike.

New trailer for Need For Speed Most Wanted hits web highway

EA has released a new gameplay trailer for its upcoming open world racing title, Need For Speed Most Wanted. The company has stated that all the cars in the game will be accessible right from the start. This means that if gamers can find it, they will be able to get into the driver’s seat straight away.

Players will receive invites to custom racing events and challenges via the title’s Autolog 2.0 system. Additionally, they’ll be able to view personalised billboards that feature the faces of their friend, who are also playing this game, posted on the Most Wanted list.

Gamers can see how this will work in the trailer posted below, which sees the racing action kicking off in an Aston Martin V12 Vantage before moving onto a Mercedes-Benz SL65 AMG Black Series. Need For Speed Most Wanted will leave the development pits onto the gaming highway at the end of October and will be released for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Windows PC.

Dawnguard DLC may not be on the cards for PS3 version of Skyrim

In some bad news for Skyrim PS3 players, Bethesda has apparently admitted that the Dawnguard DLC just may not make it to the PS3 at all.

The company has posted a statement on its forums, explaining that earlier in the month, it  provided an update on Dawnguard's status for PS3, and now that a few weeks have passed, it wanted to ensure players knew where it was with Dawnguard.

“Skyrim is a massive and dynamic game that requires a lot of resources, and things get much more complex when you're talking about sizable content like Dawnguard. We have tried a number of things, but none of them solve the issue enough to make Dawnguard good for everyone. The PS3 is a powerful system, and we're working hard to deliver the content you guys want.”

While this part of the statement is positive enough, it is the second part which raises concerns.

“Dawnguard is obviously not the only DLC we’ve been working on either, so the issues of adding content get even more complicated. This is not a problem we’re positive we can solve, but we are working together with Sony to try to bring you this content,” it elaborated.

Indeed, it’s no secret that the PS3 version of the game has received the raw end of the stick since its release, suffering from multiple bugs, delayed updates and apparently, relegated to the back of the line when it came to receiving DLC.

This is even of greater concern when considering the caliber of the developer’s in question. Bethesda is well known for producing high quality content, so we can’t help wondering whether the PS3 version of the stellar title was simply broken to begin with, and released far too soon.

Nonetheless, at least the company has remained accountable, stating: “We wish we had a more definitive answer right now. We understand the frustration when the same content is not available on all platforms. When we have an update, we will certainly let you know. We deeply appreciate all the time and support you have given us, and we’ll keep doing our best to return that."

Four new characters headed to PlayStation All-Stars: Battle Royale

Along with Raiden, from Metal Gear Solid, the PS3’s PlayStation All-Stars: Battle Royale is set to receive yet more characters from notable PS3 franchises.

These will include an evil Cole MacGrath, from Infamous, who will wield pyrokinetic and electrokinetic attacks, which should make for some pretty-looking displays of destructive power.

According to SuperBot’s community manager, Daniel Mani, the differences between playing as Good Cole and Evil Cole will be blatantly evident (as it was in Infamous).

Opponents at a distance will be subjected to Evil Cole’s busts of electricity and fire alike, while at close range, Evil Cole will be able to unleash incendiary strikes. Other attacks available will include the Hellfire Rocket, Tripwire Rocket, and Firebird Strike.

Additionally, Evil Cole will further be able to let loose The Beast (the overarching threat in Infamous 2) once he has reached maximum level. Also on the roster is Nariko, from the grossly underrated Heavenly Sword, and Daniel Fortesque, from MediEvil.

For a fuller view of what Raiden, and Evil Cole, Nariko and Daniel Fortesque will bring to the game, which is expected towards the end of November, hit the duo of videos below.
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