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The news this week that social networking behemouth Facebook finally hit 500 million users has prompted not only awe of the sheer size of the website but also questions regarding how its affecting productivity in the workplace. 

A recent study among users in the United Kingdom indicates that 17% of employees access the site during working hours while 22% admit to checking it up to five times per day. 
According to Network World, British users have an average of 159 friends in total but keep in contact with less that 10% of these. In addition to this, in what may be a rather shocking revelation,  20% of British men admitted to spending more time on Facebook than having sex with their partners. 
Although it’s unsure of how closely related South African user’s habits are to those in the United Kingdom it seems likely that local internet goers would mirror these trends. South Africans are typically known as early adopters with regards to online trends and were, for a period during Facebook’s early years, one of the most prevalent nations using the network. 


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