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Incredible Connection today announced a new partnership with GoNetReady which will see them offering fully customisable, web-ready websites to customers for a fraction of the price of creating one from scratch.

Beginning this month Incredible Connection stores will be stocking Websites Now from GoNetReady, a product that offers users quick access to good looking, custom-built websites.

“In this day and age, no small business should be without a fully-functional web presence and ability to trade online,” said Dave Miller, CEO of Incredible Connection. “We believe that Websites Now offers a high-end, functional solution at an affordable price that will ensure that our small business customers have a web presence to those of rival industry leaders.”

Websites Now was born out of years of experience in the enterprise-level website development sector, with GoNetReady realising they could create a standardised product out of their solutions which can be affordably offered to small business owners.

“The one thing we knew was that small businesses want to be able to do updates and make changes themselves, rather than being tied into a relationship with a web developer,” Richard Sletcher, founder and CIO of GoNetReady said. “But then we realised that although they want that ability, they would still prefer it if someone else did it for them.”

Out of this the unique concept of Websites Now arose, offering users a “website-in-a-box” that gives instant access to a fully fledged site. The site comes standard with 15 designs, and users can buy new skins from GNR's library of over 2000 designs for $9.95 (R67) a pop, or even commission their own unique design.

A total of 25 applications comes preloaded with the website, including a Shop, Social Media Bookmarks, Image Gallery and Events Calender. Users can also access a range of specialised applications to fit different needs, be it publishing, auctioning, recruitment and many more.

The Business version of Websites Now costs R799.95, with a monthly hosting fee of $58 (R392) while the Lite version retails for R499.95 and carries a $29 (R196) monthly hosting fee. Users will also be able to benefit from quick support, as Incredible Connection's support team, Incredibles On Site, have been trained to offer support for the product, at a fee.


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