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In the wake of a report that its temporarily halting development of its MeeGo operating system (OS), Intel has reaffirmed its commitment to the Linux-based OS, which it developed along with Nokia.   

According to the Wall Street Journal, Doug Fisher, an Intel VP and a general manager overseeing system software for the company, stated that “Nothing is changing”. He said that Intel remains “fully committed” to Meego.

However, after Nokia formed its partnership with Microsoft, to have its Windows Phone OS operating as the primary mobile OS on its future smartphones, Intel appears to be on the look-out for a new tech player to fill that void.

Fisher confirmed that Intel will continue with MeeGo’s development, but added the following statement: “It’s just a question of who is going to help us shape that.” After the Korean tech giant Samsung denied reports that it is interested in HP’s webOS, the German publication Mobiledia, reported that Samsung “is considering purchasing MeeGo”.

According to Cnet, Samsung has denied that report, saying that it can’t acquire MeeGo, as it is an open-source OS overseen by the Linux foundation. The company did however, state that it will continue to support multiple mobile platforms and work with industry members to "enrich mobile ecosystems". It has also recently opted to focus on enhancing its own mobile bada mobile OS platform.


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