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In an interesting move from an online security company, Kaspersky Lab has announced its sponsorship of a gruelling bid by a female explorer to cross the Antarctic solo.  The Kaspersky One Transantarctic Expedition, which began on November 25th, is being undertaken by 33 year old British polar explorer, Felicity Aston.

Aston is making a 70-day, 1700 km journey across the Transantarctic Mountains along a route never skied before to the South Pole.

By completing the journey, she would become the first woman in history to cross the Antarctic alone, as well as secure the world record for the longest solo journey made by a woman in the polar regions.

Those interested will be able to follow Aston’s progress on a newly created site, from the beginning to the end of her journey.

“We are happy to continue our partnership with Felicity Aston and support her courageous solo expedition to the South Pole. Sponsorship of the previous project, the Kaspersky Lab Commonwealth Antarctic Expedition, proved to be very successful, inspiring both our employees and customers. This time the expedition is even more challenging, and we sincerely wish Felicity success on her record-setting journey,” commented Roger Wilson, vice-president of marketing at Kaspersky Lab.
The Commonwealth Antarctic Expedition, which took place two years ago, was led by Aston and brought together women from the Commonwealth countries of Brunei, Cyprus, Ghana, India, Jamaica, New Zealand Singapore and the United Kingdom.
The seven women skied more than 900 km from the coast of Antarctica to the South Pole, exposed to temperatures as low as -40 °?. Together they represented five continents, six faiths and seven languages, while marking the 60th anniversary of the Commonwealth.
The company explained that the latest expedition aims to instill a spirit of adventure, courage and inspiration, as well as to understand more about what motivates individuals to achieve.
“We wish Felicity the best of luck in her extreme journey! We will follow her progress and support her throughout the whole expedition. For 70 days she is going to be on her own, conquering the threats of the Antarctic environment.
“This is what many of us experience in the virtual world: when using the Internet, we are one-to-one with a multitude of digital threats. Just as Kaspersky Lab is there for Felicity Aston in one of the world's harshest physical environments, the company ensures its users are protected at all times on the Internet,” concluded Eugene Kaspersky, chairman and chief executive officer of Kaspersky Lab. 
In recent news, Kaspersky Lab launched its new African online store, in a bid to offer a broader range of products as is available in retail stores.   


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