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Kaspersky Lab recently announced the launch of Kaspersky PURE which, like a pizza featuring all the toppings you could possibly want, is a security combo-package for home networks that sports all the protection, backup and PC tuning solutions you'll need.
Kaspersky PURE combines protection against all manner of web-based threats with features such as ‘sandbox’ technologies, which enables suspicious apps to be run in a secure virtual environment. It also boasts proactive detection of unknown threats, application control and restrictions on the level of access that suspicious programs have to passwords, logins, personal information and OS software settings.
For parents Kaspersky PURE’s Extended Parental Control feature allows them to limit the time that their children can spend surfing the net, the access they have to programs on the Internet and blocking their children’s access to sites that are off-limits. It can even notifying parents of their kids’ attempt to access such sites. There is also an IM control feature that can be set to block messages containing vulgar language or predefined words, including the home address or telephone number. For backup purposes a dedicated module is included to help you create backup copies of your data and restore it if needed. You can configure it to perform scheduled backups of all of your data, or choose only certain files or folders that need to be backed up.

“Being confident that your data is secure takes more than just blocking the threats that come up during an online session, said Vasily Dyagilev, head of Regional Retail Sales at Kaspersky Lab. “Even when your computer is switched off and your regular protection is subsequently disabled, cybercriminals can still physically access the data stored on your hard disk or USB device. With Kaspersky PURE’s encrypted container feature, you can be absolutely confident that your valuable data will not fall into the hands of cybercriminals, even if your hard disk is lost or stolen. All it takes is to regularly backup the data stored in the containers. If you no longer need specific files and folders, deleting them with Kaspersky PURE means that they cannot be restored at a later date, even by using advanced data recovery techniques.”
The installation and configuration of Kaspersky PURE is done by one person with administrator rights, who can then monitor and change the settings from any computer on the network. Kaspersky PURE licenses are available for one, three or five computers and will be available in stores as of June at a recommended retail price starting at R599.


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