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Since the new operating system launched worldwide a year ago, Microsoft has sold more than 240 million licenses.

“I think Windows 7 has exceeded expectations,” said Gavriella Schuster, general manager of Windows product management. 
“People from the very beginning have had an optimistic forecast. I actually felt in the beginning we needed to temper expectations a bit but a year later, we’re on track. We’re right where we thought we would be. It’s been a good year – it’s a year to celebrate.”
Windows 7 also was released into one of the biggest economic downturns in recent history, yet it was quickly and widely adopted by consumers and businesses alike.
“We were in such a bad place economically; I didn’t know how that was going to play out. I was nervous,” Schuster said. “But I feel really good about how it’s all turned out.”
Consumers are buying Windows 7 PCs, and computer owners and businesses are upgrading as well. While the economy is still suffering, Windows 7 remains one of the top three projects IT pros are considering for their businesses, Schuster said.
“It’s just that important,” Schuster said. “That’s a good outcome.”
“The primary win, the reason why Windows 7 is so successful, is because of the phenomenal engineering effort,” she said. “We delivered what we said we were going to deliver, when we said we would deliver it, with very high quality.”


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