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While Microsoft itself supports and builds software for a huge number of devices, the company hasn't exactly seen the greatest success in the hardware market, especially not compared to main rival Apple.

So while other manufacturers keep chugging out tablet devices to compete with the iPad, a new report suggests that Microsoft may be working on its own branded tablet device to be released in 2012.

The report comes from DigiTimes, which claim that the company is planning to launch a Windows 8 tablet next year with cooperation from chip makers Texas Instruments and Taiwanese OEMS.

According to sources, “Microsoft plans to copy its branding strategy from product lines such as Xbox 360, Zune, Kin smartphone and TV, to compete in the tablet PC segment.”

It remains to be seen how successful the device will be (if it ever materialises), but it's interesting to note that of the above examples the Xbox 360 console has been Microsoft's sole hardware hit, with the rest (especially the Kin and Zune) quickly fading into obscurity.

According to the sources Microsoft will also continue to support other manufacturers in creating Windows 8 devices, especially tablets.

So while still firmly confined to the rumour mill, it makes for an interesting thought, would you like to see a Microsoft-branded tablet out there?


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