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Now that the rumours regarding Microsoft’s Xbox 360 Slim model have been confirmed we can finally asses the details behind the device and how the company plans to take on Sony’s Playstation 3 Slim

During Microsoft’s keynote speech yesterday at the annual E3 gaming conference in Los Angeles, the company confirmed that it would immediately begin shipping its updated Xbox 360 console, which is the first major redesign to hit the  device since 2005. 
Details so far confirm that it will be considerably smaller and more angular than its bulky cousin and will also ship in a black gloss finish. Initially it will be available for $299 (R2300). 
New cooling
The Xbox 360 Slim will also sport a new cooling system, which should cure any overheating issues previously associated with the Xbox 360 console. This has been achieved by larger single fan, instead of two smaller units, and a Redmond designed 45nm architecture which should offer greater energy efficiency.
In addition it will also feature a 250GB removable hard drive, an internal power supply, a Kinect port for the upcoming motion control system, five USB ports and compatibility with all existing Xbox 360 hardware and titles.
Wi-Fi Support
What is most significant about the new model is that it will incorporate 802.11n Wi-Fi support. Microsoft has been heavily criticised in the past for choosing not to include this in the overall package, regardless of the fact that it has always been present in Sony’s Playstation 3. This factor in isolation may do well to tip hardware sales figures in Microsoft’s favour. 
Sadly, the manufacturer has chosen to snub Blu-ray technology, which has arguably become the consumer standard for HD content, in favour of an all too predictable DVD drive. In this respect we feel the updated Xbox 360 is slightly lacking and may suffer in the long run.   
Overall Microsoft has made a number of much needed improvements to the Xbox 360, which should see gamers deliberating more carefully between Microsoft and Sony in the future. 


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