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This week, Motorola announced the availability of its first Android Honeycomb tablet, the XOOM in South Africa, alongside its dual core processor smartphone, the Motorola ATRIX.

While numerous other tablets have released in the interim, the XOOM has the distinguishable honour of being first Honeycomb tablet available, which some expected to be the Apple iPad’s first serious Android rival.  The XOOM has a 10.1” 1280 x 800 widescreen HD display, and is powered a dual-core processor and a solid 1 GB of RAM. The 32 GB device includes a microSD card slot to add extra storage space. Additional features include a two megapixel front-facing and five megapixel rear-facing camera for video calling.

According to Megan Nicholas, mobile devices lead for Motorola Mobility South Africa, the tablet has been designed by the company “for individuals that demand excellence when it comes to creating or consuming content”. She pointed out that the Honeycomb user experience offers several improvements over the well known Android 2.2 (Froyo) and 2.3 (Gingerbread) as found on Android smartphones.

The Motorola XOOM is now available in South Africa
Along with being built for tablets specifically, rather than just scaling apps up to fit the screen, the Honeycomb OS offered improvements with regards to rendering  widgets, multi-tasking, browsing, notifications and customization, she added. The company asserted that the tablet supports up to ten hours of video playback and charges in half the time of some competitive tablets on the market.

ATRIX also added

Alongside the XOOM, the company also launched its new Motorola ATRIX smartphone in the country. The ATRIX, which packs the same Tegra 2 dual core processor, can be placed in the companion Lapdock or HD Multimedia Dock (included in the package), while running a full Mozilla Firefox 3.6 browser.

Nichols explained that the ATRIX is designed to become a user’s primary digital hub to create, edit and interact with documents, media and content. “This is done through the Motorola webtop application and new accessory docks, such as the Lapdock, that provide users with a larger screen, keyboard and trackpad, enabling them to have an enhanced and more interactive computer-like experience with their devices,” she elaborated.
Motorola ATRIX

While in the webtop application, users can run their Android applications in a larger window, browse their favorite websites with a full Firefox desktop browser, send instant messages, check email, access files and make phone calls simultaneously. Additionally, the ATRIX is aimed at enabling users to take advantage of its Entertainment Center feature to show photos, play music and watch videos from HD TVs.

The ATRIX is expected to be available from MTN and Vodacom during this month, while the Motorola XOOM has an RRP of R6500.



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