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The official local body representing new vehicle manufacturers, Naamsa (National Association of Automobile Manufacturers of South Africa), has released its latest vehicle sales figures, revealing the best selling vehicles in South Africa during May 2013.

Despite indications of a slowdown in economic growth in South Africa, the automotive industry continues to perform relatively well on an annual basis, according to the organisation.
Aggregate industry sales of 53 997 units for May 2013 amounted to an increase of 7.5% or 3 750 vehicles from the 50 247 units sold during the same time last year. Out of the total reported industry sales total, 49 113 units or 91% represented dealer sales, whilst 4% represented sales to the vehicle rental industry.
Another 4% were sold as industry corporate fleets, as well as 1% to government. Vehicle export sales volumes also registered an increase that came to 16.5% on a year-on-year basis, as 26 325 vehicles were exported from South Africa.
Top performing: New passenger vehicles - May 2013
Model                      Volume
1. VW Polo                2688
2. VW Polo Vivo        2645
3. Toyota Etios          1507
Top performing: New light commercial vehicles - May 2013
Model                        Volume
1. Toyota Hilux           3076
2. Chevrolet Utility     1853
3. Ford Ranger           1621
According to Glenn Crompton, VP of marketing at Toyota South Africa Motors: “One should consider the sales figures in perspective. Although vehicle sales are in line with expectations it remains the strongest month of May since the market peaked in 2007.”
Crompton added that, “We expect the market to maintain its current rate of growth, but are cautious about the drop in the value of the rand and the impact that this will have on vehicle affordability, fuel prices and the general cost of living.”
In other motoring related news, Nissan recently announced the launch of a three-year research project with local electricity utility provider Eskom, which will include testing the LEAF, Nissan’s flagship electric vehicle.


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