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Nashua Mobile has launched a set of unshaped, uncapped ADSL products that will enable customers to have quick broadband access without worrying about a data cap.

According to the company this service is suitable for internet users who want to download media, watch streaming video, play games online or run a small office. It is offered in speeds of 384, 1024 and 4096 kbps and allows two simultaneous connections. If used concurrently, the peak information rate (PIR) will be halved between the two connections.


Subscribers can have an uncapped and unshaped basic 384 kbps service at R219 for data only or for R369 including the line rental cost. An uncapped, unshaped 1024 kbps line costs R499 for data only and R779 for line rental and data, whilst the 4096 kbps service costs R549 for data only and R949 for line rental and data.

All of these prices apply to a 12 month contract. Users can also buy an ADSL Billion router for R523 when they sign up for this special offer. Users will get a 4 GB mailbox, five email addresses, fax to email, as well as virus and spam filtering as value-added services.  
Nashua Mobile stated that by employing this unshaped ADSL service, subscribers will be able to have access to responsive gaming, fast video streaming and speedy file download, because all web services are given equal priority.

The company explained that most uncapped ADSL services in South Africa are shaped, meaning that email and web browsing are given priority and other services are throttled until congestion on the network has cleared. So if your YouTube videos take a long time to buffer and the pace at which you are downloading files has slowed down to a crawl, you are probably on a shaped connection.

Nashua Mobile maintains a Fair Service For All policy, managed by an equitable adaptive rolling ten day policy rather than a monthly limit. This ensures that end-users can enjoy the best of the internet, without having the quality of their service downgraded by excessively heavy users.

Tim Walter, executive head of marketing at Nashua Mobile said: “The internet is no longer just about web browsing, online banking and email – our customers also want to be able to download media, share videos, and play games online without worrying about running out of bandwidth or paying excessive prices for out of bundle data.

“We are pleased to be able to offer them an uncapped and unshaped ADSL service that will allow them to make the most of the services and information available on the internet at a reasonable price.”

In other mobile data related news, Vodacom recently announced a promotion which sees data costs for prepaid and Top Up customers reduced by 87%. This promotion introduces Vodacom’s lowest per megabyte prepaid mobile data price of 2.4c.


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