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AMD launched its latest (but not its greatest) Radeon HD 6800 series of mid-range GPUs (graphics processing units) on the 22nd of October, and now two Chinese websites have released specs and photos of what will be Nvidia’s latest and greatest GPU. 
According to Chiphell, the GTX 580 will boast 512 CUDA cores, a shader clock speed of 1544 MHz and core clock speed of 772 MHz. It will also sport 1536 MB of 384bit GDDR5 memory, with the memory frequency set to 4008 MHz and memory bandwidth up to 192.4 GB/sec.
The performance of the GTX 580 will be around 20-30% better than the performance of the current king of the Nvidia stable, the GTX 480. The site also states that this card will be unveiled by Nvidia next month and may only be released early in 2012. Another Chinese site, PCinlife, has leaked two pictures of the GTX 580.
Incidentally, the fastest supercomputer in the world today is the Chinese Tianhe-1A, which employs 7 168 Nvidia Tesla M2050 GPUs to help boost the processing power of its 14 336 CPUs.  
Pics: PCinlife


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