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Admittedly, while a PS4 does not appear to be on this year’s agenda, Sony did announce a new PS3 Super Slim at the Tokyo Game Show.
The console is apparently considerably more compact (25%) than the preceding PS3 Slim, and half the size of the older PS3.

The new console will apparently be available in two sizes – a 500 GB version, which will have a RRP of R4 000 and a 12 GB flash memory model, that will go for R2 900. Apparently, both versions will be available locally from mid-October.

Explaining why a price cut was not on the cards, John Koller, SCEA’s vice president of marketing, explained to Engadget that “demand is still quite high.”

However, it was Koller’s following comment which was more interesting, as he asserted that customers had had enough of “weird price moves.” Instead, he added that users were really looking for “content and games and value.”

To that end, he elaborated to Gamespot that the PS3’s lineup of first party titles was particularly promising in the year – and next three years – ahead. While he cited titles like Beyond:Two Souls and The Last of Us, he further hinted that there was a considerable number of titles that had not yet been disclosed.

On the subject of the PS3’s lifespan, Koller pledged that the company was going to continue supporting the PS3 for the next few years, and as long as there is a “development spigot that’s running hot.”

While the company was on the subject of introducing revamped versions of its hardware, the PS Vita also received a colour makeover, as PS Vitas in blue, red and white were revealed. The latter though, is in all likelihood going to be reserved for the Japanese market. 


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