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After announcing its new D5100 dSLR last week, Nikon has now launched its first external stereo microphone, the ME-1. Brought about in no small part due to the rise of full HD video recording on digital cameras, the ME-1 unidirectional microphone offers crisp, clear sound with no unwanted operational noise.

Nikon believes this is a serious addition to any discerning videographer’s kit, since it raises the quality of audio recording, enabling movies shot with a dSLR to sound as good as they look.

Raising the sound bar for dSLRs 

The ME-1 offers a smart alternative to a camera’s built in microphone and is developed to capture professional-quality stereo sound across diverse situations to further enhance the sophistication of D-Movie – Nikon’s dSLR movie functionality.

Nikon’s first external microphone is equipped with a vibration reduction mechanism that suppresses unwanted operational noise which can come from auto-focus. As a unidirectional microphone it provides precise targeted pick-up, allowing users to record exactly what they want to hear.

Interference from external noise can be suppressed using the supplied windscreen and a low-cut filter switch offers extra control over low-frequency noise. The sensitivity of the microphone can also be adjusted through the camera menu to control surrounding noise or ambient sound.

Easily mounted on the camera’s hot shoe, the ME-1 is conveniently powered by the camera, while its intelligent ergonomic design enables comfortable handheld shooting. The short body allows easy access to the viewfinder and it boasts a handy cable-stop to keep the cable out of the way.

For use with all Nikon D-SLRs and COOLPIX cameras that have a 3.5 mm connector for external microphones, the ME-1 is supplied with a windscreen and soft case. 

Zurab Kiknadze, product manager Lenses, Accessories & Software, Nikon Europe, commented: “The ME-1 is a great new addition to Nikon’s continually expanding system for high-quality movie recording. Pros and enthusiasts alike will be able to record sound at a whole new level and add to the impact of their movies.” 

The Nikon ME-1 microphone will retail for R1599 and will only be available at the end of April. 


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