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Yet another rumour doing the rounds, apart from the never-ending assertions of an upcoming iPhone 5 and iPad mini, is that Samsung may be announcing a follow-up to its Galaxy Note next month, appropriately named the Galaxy Note 2.
According to MK Business News, which is based in Korea, the Galaxy Note 2 will boast a quad core processor, which we suspect could be the Exynos 4 doing duty in the Galaxy S3.
That though, is not the only feature that will be receiving a boost. For those for whom the Galaxy Note’s 5.3” display is still too small for their liking, its successor will reportedly sport a 5.5” display.
Jelly bean onboard
However, the phone’s overall dimensions will apparently remain largely unchanged. An unnamed official reportedly close to the company’s product development was quoted as emphatically stressing that the device would not include unbreakable plane display technology, adding that this would be reserved for a subsequent product release.  
Additionally, the Galaxy Note 2 will come with Google’s recently announced Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean) operating system.
Yet another improvement rumoured for inclusion on the Galaxy Note 2 is a camera bump up from the 8 megapixel camera to a 12 or even 13 megapixel one.
One thought running through our minds at Samsung’s S3 launch was whether, and when, we would see its distinctive features included in the rest of Samsung’s line moving forward. While the likes of Smart Stay and S Beam being onboard the Note’s next iteration have not yet been mentioned, we find it a distinct and exciting possibility.
To the point
However, we do have two concerns. The first is that the slightly larger display could push the ‘phablet’ closer to tablet territory, to compete with the Google’s 7” Nexus tablet for example – which may not be to its benefit considering the Nexus tablet’s low price.

Our other concern centres around what impact an even larger screen would have on battery life. Nonetheless, it is an intriguing rumour nonetheless. Somehow, we can’t quite envision Samsung sitting back without some kind of response while a iPhone 5 is possibly unveiled later this year, if those rumours are to be believed.   


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