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Samsung, along with International DMB Advancement Group (IDAG), has announced that it will launch digital radio, mobile TV and internet services alongside the forthcoming Samsung Galaxy S WiFi 5.0, in a bid to cater to the growing consumption of mobile entertainment and news.
The company explained that it believed this would take the Android powered Galaxy S WiFi 5.0, which is slated for release in South Africa in the near future, to a new level.
“Built-in DMB/DAB+ provides excellent radio and TV experiences on the go and Samsung SA are pleased to engage with DMB to provide digital TV opportunities to more South Africa consumers,” explained Deon Liebenberg, MD of Samsung South Africa.
“The functionalities of the Samsung Galaxy S WiFi 5.0 certainly stand out. We expect that Samsung’s entry into this area will inspire new fans of digital radio and mobile TV,” added Gunnar Garfors, president of IDAG.
Growth predicted
Samsung elaborated that combining broadcasting and the internet in the same product introduced “a range of new possibilities” that could strengthen radio and TV programmes and widen their appeal among audiences.
Fortuitously, digital radio via DAB/DAB+ or Mobile TV via DMB is currently available in more than 40 countries globally, and it is expected to further expand to include more countries in the near future.
Additionally, Samsung asserted that European governments are responding positively to the replacement of FM with DMB/DAB+, the de facto standard for digital radio. This, the company explained, created “a huge demand” as millions of traditional FM radios would be replaced or upgraded to DMB/DAB+, which is a flexible technology, allowing for mobile TV services together with radio.

To the point

Both digital radio and mobile TV can be seen as signs of a world demanding increasingly better quality of content, in the case of the former, and entertainment anywhere, in the case of the latter.

However, to our mind, this evolution seems as natural and inevitable with regards to radio and TV as the shift to more interactive comics and higher resolution screens on tablets.    


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