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Softline VIP has introduced its new online payroll solution that was designed with the small business owner in mind.
VIP Liquid Payroll can be accessed anywhere, anytime, is compliant with current legislation and will save business owners time and money, by simplifying payroll administration. 
“Most small business owners do not have time in their busy schedules to waste hours on staff remuneration and the endless official documentation required, said Karen Schmikl VIP Liquid Payroll product manager at Softline VIP.
“VIP Liquid Payroll was designed to simplify the process, requiring absolutely no IT infrastructure, up-front software cost or annual licence fees, fitting the pocket of the small business practitioner and still delivering professional results.”
The service offered by VIP Liquid Payroll is free of charge for the first two employees, after which successive workers are billed at R15 pm. An invoice will also be generated at the end of each month for client review, making it easy to stay on top of the user’s account.
Processing payroll is a crucial administrative task for any business. Having a system in place, which can easily guide a small business owner through the daunting challenge of tax legislation adherence, can drastically decrease the frustration inherent to this process.
Users don’t have to worry about software installation or software updates. They only require an internet connection as well as a valid e-mail address in order to utilise this online payroll system.
“All the information transferred over the internet by VIP Liquid Payroll is encrypted and stored on secure servers in a state-of-the-art data facility,” Schmikl explained. “Payroll data is backed up daily as well as with the rollover of each new payroll period to ensure that the data is freely available at any given time. Backups are stored at alternative locations, allowing user data to be restored in the event of a natural disaster.”
“VIP Liquid Payroll currently offers functionality typically required by a small business. Although only basic payroll functionality is catered for at the moment, VIP Liquid Payroll is a work in progress and we will continually add new and valuable functionality to make life easier for our users,” Schmikl concluded.
Visit for a virtual tour or contact 012-420-7000 for more info.
VIP Liquid Payroll offers the following capabilities:
·         An easy-to-use start wizard that will aid users to set up their company and load employees with ease.
·         Required fixed information can be loaded for each individual employee.
·         Pre-defined earnings and deductions are available.
·         UIF contributions are automatically calculated and a submission can be made directly to the Department of Labour, which nullifies the need for manual UIF form completion.
·         The system caters for the setup of all benefits including pension, retirement annuities and medical aid, taking care of complex calculations on behalf of the user.
·         Professional payslips and IRP5s can be printed with ease.
·         A file is generated to allow for the import of tax certificate information into e@syFile.
·         Predefined reports are available, including the EMP201 monthly SARS return.
·         VIP Liquid Payroll comes fully supported by dedicated consultants.


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