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The bearer of good tidings for general users and businesses alike is none other than Telkom Internet, as it announced that it will reduce the prices on its uncapped offerings from the 1st of next month.
The company elaborated that users can anticipate price reductions of up to 40% for consumer uncapped products and up to 35% for business uncapped products, depending on the relevant package.
The new pricing benefits both new and existing customers. The full benefits, for both general users and businesses, are illustrated as per the tables below.   
The price reductions as they apply to consumers (top) and businesses (bottom)
The price reduction comes in the wake of other good news from the company: its announcement of a “soft cap” earlier this month. With this, customers reaching their internet cap will no longer be limited to local data, and instead will now also be able to access international sites.  
“Our focus remains on maintaining a quality experience whilst also exploring new and innovative ways to deliver even more value to our customers,” commented Mr Manelisa Mavuso, managing director of Telkom Consumer Services and Retail. He pointed to the removal of day-time restrictions on consumer products as a prime example of enhanced customer value.
Dr Brian Armstrong, managing director of Telkom Business added that internet products for business customers “now offer improved performance for business traffic.” He continued that the value added services on business uncapped offers have been improved, and revealed that advanced business features are being planned for the coming months.
To the point

In short, with petrol prices seeming to continue their inexorable climb, and the knock-on effect that this has on basic necessities, a price reduction is always good news, and if it comes in the form of that all too frequently accessed service, the internet, so much the better.

Indeed, this particular announcement answers one of our prime desires for 2013, as one of the trends we hoped to see this year, of cheaper ADSL costs, leaving us to wonder whether some Windows 8 improvements and a South African Netflix are just around the corner too. 


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