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Local telecommunications giant Telkom today announced its Do Uncapped broadband offerings, as well as an exclusive Battlefield 3 package during the rAge expo, currently underway in Johannesburg. The Do Uncapped range includes Do Uncapped 384 kbps, Do Uncapped 1 Mbps and Do Uncapped 4 Mbps.

This announcement comes a long while after competing ISPs (internet service providers) announced their uncapped offerings, with MWEB for example, announcing their offerings last year already. Telkom executive for Converged Business Services, Steven White, noted that Telkom took the time to develop a product that ensures responsible, fair and balanced data consumption.

“Telkom has observed trends and analysed data usage patterns to develop an uncapped product that delivers a quality an sustainable service,” he explained. To this end the company’s Do Uncapped 384 kbps and Do Uncapped 1 Mbps will be subject to certain daytime speed restrictions (no restrictions on local traffic), whilst the Do Uncapped 4 Mbps won’t be subjected to such restrictions.  

“The products have been designed for home users that traditionally are away from home during the day, who instead spend time online in the evening mostly. The Acceptable Usage Policy is designed to ensure that all consumers enjoy a quality online experience,” White said.


For the Do Uncapped 384 kbps offer, users can expect to pay R152 p/m for the ADSL line rental and R219 p/m for the internet uncapped, which comes to a total of R371 per month. Between 6 am to 6 pm, the connection speed will be restricted to 295 kbps and to 354 kbps between 6 pm and 10 pm. Users will be able to enjoy the full 384 kbps speed during 10 pm and 6 am.

The Do Uncapped 1 Mbps offer comes to R369 p/m for the internet uncapped and R289 for the ADSL line rental, a combined price of R658 p/m. Connection speed will be limited to 472 kbps from 6 am to 6 pm, and to 767 kbps between 6 pm and 10 pm.   

Telkom’s premium Do Uncapped 4 Mbps offer will set you back R2097 for the internet uncapped and R413 for the ADSL line rental, coming to a combined price of R2510.

In addition to these offers, the company also offering a special promotional deal for rAge. Its Do Uncapped gamers bundle includes a PC copy of Battlefield 3, a two TB (terabyte) external HDD, fastest ADSL line up to 4 Mbps and up to 1 Mbps uncapped internet speed. The price for this package is R782 p/m with the same daytime speed restrictions being in place for the Do Uncapped 1 Mbps offer.  

“Meeting our consumer’s expectations for data usage today remains our priority, however the Company remains equally committed to innovating towards the demands of tomorrow,” concluded White.


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