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Tucked amidst, and unsurprisingly overshadowed by, the launch of the iPad 3 (or as Apple is calling it, the next iPad) was the launch of the company’s iOS 5.1 update, which brings several welcome new features and bug fixes to the table.
Amongst the main benefits of the update, according to the International Business Times, is the addressing of battery concerns which plagued some iPhone 4S users, who reported rapid battery drainage on iOS 5.0.  
Under iOS 5.1, users will be able to delete photos from their Photo Stream, while  iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS and fourth generation iPod touch’s running the update will sport a camera shortcut on lock screen that will remain visible when the device is locked.
Additionally, camera face detection will highlight all detected faces, while the camera app on the iPad has received a redesign.
Another improvement that those relying on their iPad to watch movies will be pleased to hear about is an apparent improvement to audio when playing movies on the tablet, which according to the company will “sound louder and clearer”.  
Fights and foibles
iOS 5.1 isn’t all roses though. Unfortunately, one shortcoming in previous iOS versions which has still not been addressed is that users are still ‘kicked out’ of the App Store after making a purchase, something that ArsTechnica humorously likens to ‘going to a grocery store and being forced to leave after buying one item.’
Unfortunately though, that annoyance still persists with the new update.
The launch though has also been followed by Samsung jumping into the fray with its claws out, pointing out iOS’s shortcomings as compared to its recently announced Galaxy Note 10.1. Chief amongst these is that users still cannot view two apps at the same time, or take notes in one app while viewing content in another (a problem solved by having two iPads, side by side, we suppose).  
To the point
Admittedly, none of the changes on offer are revolutionary, nor is the update iOS 6 as was previously rumoured. However, for those who have been waiting for the rollout due to problems encountered with iOS 5.0 and iOS 5.0.1, the update is likely welcome news nonetheless.

One warning though: as with previous updates, users can expect the download to take a fair amount of time, as iOS users (of which there are more than a few) flock to Apple’s servers. 


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