Samsung Galaxy S3 is best selling smartphone in Q3 2012

By Hanleigh Daniels 9 November 2012

Samsung's Galaxy S3 replaces the iPhone 4S as the world's best selling smartphone model during Q3 2012. FULL STORY >


iOS 5.1 brings some welcome changes and fixes

By Ryan Noik 9 March 2012

Along with the launch of the latest iPad, Apple announced its iOS 5.1 update, which brings some fixes and incremental changes to users. FULL STORY >


Apple iPhone 4S

By Hanleigh Daniels 24 January 2012

It might sport the same looks as last years model, but underneath its skin the iPhone 4S is definitely new, boasting a quicker CPU, improved snapper, Siri and smart antenna design. FULL STORY >


Vodacom iPhone 4S prices announced

By Staff Writer 16 December 2011

Vodacom release prices for highly anticipated iPhone 4S FULL STORY >


MTN announce prices for iPhone 4S

By Staff Writer 15 December 2011

MTN has released its contract prices for the iPhone 4S, available today. FULL STORY >


Vodacom and MTN launching iPhone 4S on 16 December

By Hanleigh Daniels 1 December 2011

Local operators Vodacom and MTN will be launching Apple's iPhone 4S smartphone in South Africa on 16 December. FULL STORY >


iOS 5.0.1 update does not resolve all battery issues

By Ryan Noik 14 November 2011

The release of Apples 5.0.1 update late last week has apparently not resolved all the battery issues plaguing iPhone 4S users. FULL STORY >


iOS 5.0.1 update forthcoming

By Ryan Noik 4 November 2011

A new software update for Apple's iOS 5 operating system is in the works, and is intended to fix numerous issues being encountered by users. FULL STORY >


iPhone 4S suffering from battery problems

By Staff Writer 31 October 2011

With the previous iPhone model, it was Antennagate that caused a headache for Apple. Might it just be Batterygate this time around? FULL STORY >


Apple vs. Samsung - Apple still on winning track

By Hanleigh Daniels 27 October 2011

A court in Milan enables Apple to press forward with the iPhone 4S' Italian launch, but its decision is up for review again at the end of the year. FULL STORY >


Apple sells 4 million iPhone 4S smartphones

By Hanleigh Daniels 17 October 2011

Despite a mixed reception the iPhone 4S continues to break Apple's sales records. FULL STORY >


Smartphones remaining limitation may be on its way out

By Ryan Noik 12 October 2011

Two developments this month point to a near future when voice navigation could replace smartphones' keyboards. FULL STORY >


Apple iPhone 4S cracks one million pre-orders in one day

By Staff Writer 10 October 2011

Despite disappointment about the no-show of the Apple iPhone 5, the newly announced iPhone 4S still managed to crack one million pre-orders in a single day. FULL STORY >


Apple unveils the iPhone 4S

By Hanleigh Daniels 5 October 2011

Apple pulls the wraps off its new iPhone, the iPhone 4S, sporting more oomph under its bonnet, some enhanced specs and voice command. FULL STORY >


No iPhone 5 - reaction from the web

By Mike Joubert 5 October 2011

Anything less than the iPhone 5 would have been a disappointment, and for many people yesterdays iPhone 4S announcement did not quite meet their high set of Apple expectations. FULL STORY >

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