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Once again, iPad 3 rumours are beginning to surface, and while there has been no shortage of speculation about what the next iteration will bring and when it will launch, in the last few months the rumours have been coming from more credible sources.
The latest, according to influential business site Bloomberg, is that the iPad 3 will debut in March. The site also reported that “three people familiar with the product” revealed that the iPad 3 will boast a high definition screen (probably the 2048 x 1536 resolution we heard about towards the end of last year), compatibility with next generation wireless networks, and a faster processor.
The processor in question will likely be a quad-core chip, according to the unnamed sources, which should offer an even speedier responsiveness and cater for more intensive games and applications.
Bloomberg further reported that production of the iPad 3 had begun, and was expected to “reach full volumes by February.”
Of wallets and wishes
While previous rumours for a highly desired Apple product, namely the iPhone 5, turned out to consist more of wishful thinking than likely fact, the International Business Times argued that the March release of an iPad 3 would be consistent with Apple’s previous launches.
Indeed, the site correctly elaborated that the original iPad was launched in February (in the US) in 2010 while the iPad 2 had a March release last year.  
While of late Amazon’s recently launched Kindle Fire has begun competing against the iPad, the iPad 2 has nonetheless remained a best-seller, while sales of the venerated tablet are anticipated to double in this year. The one advantage the likes of the Kindle Fire tablet has over the iPad is its price. At $199 (R1600), this has been successfully aimed at users who can’t justify the iPad 2’s higher pricetag.  
However, in light of the current economic difficulty, the biggest question on users’ lips may well be what impact an iPad 3 would have on the price of the iPad 2. The iPad 2 brought price reductions to its predecessor, so a $250 or even $300 iPad could make life even more difficult for competitors aiming to appeal to users who still desire a tablet but are making decisions with their wallets.
To the point
While Apple has declined to comment, the iPad 3 launch – whenever it happens – will be significant if for no other reason than the fact that it will be the company’s first major tablet launch since the death of Steve Jobs.

The response to whatever Apple product is launched now, moving forward, may be even more telling about the direction the company is taking than all the speculation and rumour combined.    


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