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With a growing amount of companies looking towards the cloud in order to expand their business, here are the solutions on offer from HP.

CloudSystem Matrix:

Three integrated HP###CloudSytem

CloudSystem Matrix is HP's base offering and targets clients who are looking to deploy a private cloud with a focus on Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), enabling them to provision infrastructure and applications in minutes rather than months. This base configuration is built on HP's market-leading CloudSystem Matrix, which provides the means to create virtual pools of servers, storage and network. HP furthermore combines Matrix capabilities with their Server Automation and SiteScope products, allowing basic application provisioning, monitoring, patching, and compliance capabilities.

  • The CloudSystem Enterprise edition addresses clients who are looking to deploy a more robust private- or hybrid cloud environment. This offering, leveraging the capabilities found in CloudSystem Matrix, provides the following advanced capabilities:
  • A single view of all services across private and public cloud environments using a unified service catalog via a self-service portal.
  • After service selection, HP orchestrates the intelligent selection of resources needed to deliver the services based on business policies (performance, cost, compliance). These could be on-premise resources or off-premise sources, utilising bursting or bridging capabilities.
  • HP then provisions the application and infrastructure resources based on the selected resource pools, and provide ongoing monitoring and lifecycle management of the resources. Upon service retirement, they release the resources back into the shared pool.

Finally, the CloudSystem Service Provider edition addresses the requirements of service providers. By building on the capabilities found in the other two offerings, HP offers the means for service providers to generate new revenue, decrease time to market, and simplify adoption of new value-added services. Specifically, the Software as a Service (SaaS) Aggregation Platform serves as a central interaction point where service providers can:

  • Manage their own and third-party SaaS offerings.
  • Define, price, and expose service offerings to customers.
  • Integrate into existing billing and management systems.
  • Drive revenue management (settlement) with third-party providers and resellers.

HP Cloud Maps:

CloudSystem Matrix

HP Cloud Maps provide an easy-to-use navigation system that can save you days or weeks of time architecting infrastructure for applications and services, reducing provisioning time by as much as 80%. Cloud Maps accelerate the automation of business applications on CloudSystem Matrix, so you can reliably and consistently fast-track the implementation of service catalogs.

It consists of tested engineering components, such as:

  • Templates for hardware and software configuration that can be imported directly into CloudSystem Matrix, saving days or weeks of solution design time.
  • Sizers to help guide capacity and performance planning.
  • Workflows and scripts designed to automate installation more quickly and in a repeatable fashion.
  • Reference white papers to help customise the Cloud Map for your specific implementation.

HP's CloudStart Solution:

  • HP delivers a true private cloud for a customer, integrated, running and productive within 30 days of hardware installation.
  • The Private Cloud Foundation provides the foundation for a private cloud implementation, automated provisioning, catalog/portal, elastic virtualised resources delivered as the Converged Infrastructure.
  • The HP Cloud Solution Infrastructure takes the Private Cloud Foundation and delivers a complete, running, productive "compute" solution, with resource metering and chargeback, integrated into the datacenter security, identity management, backup and DR planning. It can be extended to SLA management and software lifecycle management. Enterprise customers require a private cloud to be a compliant part of the datacenter infrastructure and that is what this solution delivers.
  • The HP CloudStart Infrastructure is for customers needing to pilot or start up a private cloud solution quickly, and is a bounded, no options instance of the broader solution.

For more information, please contact Gregory Deane at HP on 082-882-4444, or email



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