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An Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) can mean the difference between a good day at the office, or one spent offline and/or trying to recover data off a crashed server. Netshield's UPS range is here to help.

A UPS unit's main function is to supply power to the server and other selected equipment when there is a power failure, allowing enough time to:

  • shut down the server in order for it not to become corrupt, or
  • start the generator to supply power.

In other words, a UPS provides battery back-up when the electrical power fails or drops to an unacceptable voltage level. A UPS system typically also provides surge suppression and may provide voltage regulation. Netshield's NRK and NRK'J 6KVA and 10KVA UPS units now offer a software component (UPS2000) that enables you to automate back-up and shut down procedures in case there is a power failure when you are away from your computer.

A UPS can either be offline, online or interactive:

  • Offline: Will supply power only when power fails
  • Online: It supplies power the same way mains provide power
  • Interactive: Supply power from bypass through transformer

NRK11 SeriesNetshield NRK series (Online)

The Netshield NRK1000 - 6000 and NRK1110S series provide 2-20 minutes to perform one of the above mentioned actions, depending on the percentage load that needs to be backed up. These have built-in batteries, where the Netshield UPS NRK1000L to NRK1110L series, consisting of a higher quality charger and inverter, can provide an unlimited amount of time needed to perform these actions.

The 1KVA, 2KVA and 3KVA ranges come standard with an LCD display that indicates how full the battery is, how long it will run and what the voltage is, for example. Also onboard is an RS232 communication interface which allows you to connect to an optional SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) external module. This module enables you to connect to the Netshield Monitoring software or monitoring software of your choice.

The 6KVA and 10KVA ranges come standard with an LED and an LCD display, providing a visual indication that the UPS is running, as well as added information. UPS 2000 software is included to enable the UPS to automatically start shut down procedures, as well as a manual bypass switch, EPO terminal and USB cable. An Emergency Power Off (EPO) system serves as a safety mechanism and is intended to power down a single piece of electronic equipment or an entire installation from a single point by activating a push button, for example in case of fire or electrical shock.

NKU RF SeriesNetshield NKU series (Online)

The difference between the Netshield NRK series and the Netshield NKU series is that the NKU series includes an output transformer or inverter. An internal isolation transformer offers 100% isolation from the input AC line. It is ideal for the protection of sensitive electronic equipment such as patient-care, computers and laboratory instruments.

It is available in 1KVA-15KVA tower / table top versions which include internal batteries. The 10KVA and 15KVA includes a maintenance bypass switch. It is also available in 10KVA-400KVA rack mount versions, with external batteries.

NIK SeriesNetshield NIK series (Line-interactive)

This range consists of high reliability, high efficiency and good voltage conditioning UPSs. It is a line-interactive UPS that is ideal for rack or distributed servers and/or harsh power environments. It is the most common UPS to be found and in this type of unit, the separate battery charger, inverter and source selection switch have all been replaced by a combination inverter / converter. The main advantage of this is that it is always connected to the output, powering the equipment. The design allows for faster response to a power failure than a standby UPS, although it does not provide protection as well as the online UPS does. The range is available in 1KVA, 2KVA and 3KVA and offers the option of internal batteries or external batteries.

For enquiries on any of these products, contact Netshield on 086-111-4428 or 012-841-0320, or visit



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