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South African tablet users will soon be able to take advantage of a new tablet entry geared particularly for the local market, the Wise Touch tablet range. These will be available with either a 7", 8", 9" or 10" capacitive multi-touch screen and will run on Android 2.3 Gingerbread.

While the Wise Touch tablets will offer Google's regular Android market, and all the functionality offered by the Android platform, the tablet's distinguishing feature is its preloaded South African applications.

Essential support

The company explained that the main problem with other tablets, including large brand name devices, was that people don't know where to take them for repairs, advice, training or education. To this end, the company is focusing 30% of its efforts on support, which includes more than thirty walk-in repairs centers countrywide, along with telephonic support for Android tablets. The company cautioned users against purchasing “just any tablet”, rather to focus beforehand what functionality the tablet can deliver.

"We believe tablets should be a consumable type product and any family would end up with many tablets in the house. Especially with our focus on educational content, the parent and kids would possibly each have their own," commented Wise management.

Education too

Educational content will also be bundled with the Wise Touch tablet, which will include the public school syllabus. Additionally, the company is currently working with universities, private schools and colleges to develop their own educational content and they will use the Wise Touch as the tablet of choice.

Wise Logos

Touch shopping

Wise management explained that the majority of the content has been developed on behalf of South African brands and pre-loaded on the tablet. This localised content is presented in the form of a Wise Shopping Mall, Wise Business Park and a Wise Education Centre.

The Wise Shopping Mall Business Park features a variety of local shops in more than 10+ departments with over 80+ applications through which the user may browse and purchase from. These include local retailers, travel shops, banking, ticket offices, toy stores and more. Also arriving soon is the ability to enjoy the morning's magazines or newspapers featured in the Mall's Newsstand as well as the ability to order takeaway from SA's favourite restaurants and franchises from the Food court.

The 10" Wise Touch tablet will have a retail price below R3500, the 7" 3G tablet will cost less than R2500 and the entry level 7" Wi-Fi version will be available for R1700. All of these are expected to be available from the beginning of next year. Tablets will be available from mid-January, but purchase online now from to receive a 5% early bird discount. Resellers welcome.


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